Here is why People Fail the Real Estate Exam

Real Estate Exam

You have completed your pre-license education, and you have passed all your finals.


Now, what about the state license exam? It should also be a breeze, right?

Not so fast.

In case you aren’t aware, the real estate exam is regulated by your state and has a specific application fee. Without the right preparation plan and effort, the chances are that you will fail this exam just like most people do. Understanding the leading causes of failure and avoiding them is an effective way of enhancing your chances of success in your real estate exam.

1. Procrastination

“I will wait for a few months to take the state exam because I need more time to study.” If that’s what you’re thinking, you’re lying to yourself. What’s going to happen is that your real estate exam study materials are going to stay in a box or book shelf until you finally schedule your exam. Then you will cram just like other people preparing for a short-term memory exam.

Therefore, it’s in your best interest to take the real estate exam while whatever you learned is still fresh in your mind. If you passed the real estate school, take the state exam as soon as possible.

2. Ignoring your study plan

Perhaps you hate studies. Or you joined a real estate school just because your cousins told you that they heard another friend told their friend that real estate exam was quite easy. The truth is, the exam isn’t easy. But the real estate career is excellent, sustainable, and the industry has helped many people in different ways.

If you think passing the exam is just like performing excellently in the high school P.E class, then you will undoubtedly fail. So, find a comprehensive real estate prep guide, create a good study plan, and follow it.

3. Bad prep materials

Just like an athlete who prepares perfectly for a great marathon, you should fuel yourself adequately. But if you’re using the wrong or poor study materials, you’re doomed. As part of your exam preparation process, get high-quality exam preparation materials from a trusted and reputable source.

4. Wasting time studying irrelevant topics

According to experts, you should be efficient and purposeful when preparing for your exam. Get to know exactly how much is likely to be on the examination from each content section. Then factor in this valuable information in your study plan. For example, on the fundamentals section of the real estate exam, the initial section covers property law and property ownership. Knowing what you should expect in your exam makes it easier for you to focus on the relevant study topics.


Test anxiety is also a reason many people fail their real estate exam. It’s not bad to be excited over your new career. However, overexcitement or fear can make you fail. It’s also important for you understand your state’s real estate exam requirements to avoid the instances of missing the minimum required score.