Move To Hill County Texas


There is land for sale in Texas hill country, one of the most beautiful landscapes in Texas. This region is home to native vegetation like the yucca and prickly pear cactus. The tall rugged hills made with limestone and granite will absolutely take your breath away.

Imagine being able to wake up every morning, sipping your coffee and looking into the stunning country views. No more having to hear the constant honking of car horns or the constant motion of traffic like you do in the cities. The cost of living in this area is rather quite low, and is especially attractive for those of you who have spent much of your working life in the Dallas or Houston area.

The region takes on a culture unique and all of its own. The region was influenced by the Germans, Swiss, Polish and Czech that creates a different blend of culture that cannot be found anywhere else in Texas or the United States.

With Summit Springs, you can escape from the fast pace life of the city, without disconnecting yourself completely. Summit springs offers land for sale in the burnet county area. We are located minutes from Austin and lovely attractions such as Marble Falls. Our properties have beautiful hillside views.

In the event of an emergency, we are only 5 miles from a hospital. Just because you live in the country does not mean you cannot have the luxuries of city living. Living here is taking away all of the negatives of city living, and only getting the benefits.

If you are considering a move, here are four great reasons to consider moving to the Texas hill country area.

  1. Cost of Living

The cost of living here is pretty low. The state as a whole has one of the lowest costs of living in the nation combined with the fact that they have no income tax, which leaves a lot of money in your pocket. However, within the state, the hill country region is one of the cheaper places to live in Texas, especially compared to Dallas and Houston area.

  1. All of the Benefits of City Living without Any Headaches

City living can sometimes get congested, especially near Dallas, Houston, or any other major city. Dallas and Houston are consistently ranked for the worst highways in Texas. Living in the Texas Hill Side Country allows you to have access to hospitals, stores, and other conveniences.

  1. The Environment is Beautiful

The area is made up of rolling hills that are laid with granite and limestone. The region is full of native plants and animals that you cannot find anywhere else. This region is a sight to see in the morning and evening. At Summit Springs you can have great hillside views, and large oak trees that will be able to shade you on a hot Texas day.

  1. Climate

Texas has one of the greatest climates year round. With warm weather and gorgeous sunny days makes most days a great day to play or enjoy the great outdoors.

This region is an escape from the usual, but still gives you access to everything you may need. If you are considering a move from the busy mundane life come visit Summit Spring Ranch. Get living today! Visit here