5 Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Building A Custom Home

Building A Custom Home

Building your dream house is one of the best gifts you could give yourself. It is like winning in a lottery where you can’t be happier than anyone here in the world. Watching every corner of your house makes you feel that you have accomplished something big, even if that house is small. 

But before I start making this dream turn into reality, what should I do first to make sure that this will be done accordingly? What steps do I need to follow to create my dream home? What past questions should I ask myself that need to be answered first before this becomes my present? 

These 4 Ws and 1H factors must be considered first: Where, when, who, why, and how. Five important questions you must ask yourself before building a custom home.

Where: Plan where you want to build your house. In rural or urban areas? Be it anywhere as long as it is where your heart is. 

Yet, consider a place where access to almost everything is important—Hospital, school, church, market, and other establishments that are needed in your daily living.

Access to these places is a pro as it will be convenient for you and your family today and in the future.

When: What day, month, or year are you planning to start constructing your house.

It must be a season without interruption, such as summer, fall, or spring, as winter is not the best option. If you want to accomplish your house fast, you must consider these.

 Also, materials that will be used must be on-demand so that you will not lack any of them.

Who: Consider the number of people who will live in your house.

Not only in the present, consider the number of individuals who will live in your house, including the future. You must be thinking in advance because once that house has been put up, it is hard to change a single thing on it.

Especially for those who want to start up a family, you must bear in mind how many children would you have. This will help you plan how many rooms you need to build, how wide your space and how big your house must be.

Why: A reason for building a house is always there.

Building your own home is never easy, but you will pursue that dream if you have a reason, no matter what it costs. Be it because of starting a family or want to live your own life, away from everything that bothers you.

Yet remember that it is where you will spend most of your life with. You must have that reason where it will save you when you feel like giving up. A home where you feel like it is and not just a house.

How: Money is a key; Can I afford the cost?

Money, yes, some say it is the root of all evilness. Yet, for those who use this to make their things come true, it is a key. A key that will open a door for their dreams.

But can I afford the cost?. Remember that the lesser the money, the lesser the chance to get your dream house to come true. Especially if that house requires more things to do instead of a simple house that will surely need a smaller cost. 

Make sure to plan your house according to your money. Make sure it is enough to build your home. If it doesn’t, then make it halfway and just continue making it more than your dream house as soon as you earn more money.

If you are unsure of costs and need expert help, consider hiring a design-build contractor, they tend to have more experience than regular contractors and have built in teams from design to cleanup, so they have more control over costs. We found a great design build contractor in The Bay Area by looking at several Google Reviews online before making a decision.


It seems to be simple questions. It seems to be an easy dream that you could make. But stepping into the actual is different. You will see how hard it is and how challenging it is to make your dream house.

Yet if you are very hardworking and dedicated, it is not possible. You can achieve that dream, and as soon as it is accomplished, you will feel that thing where all your hardships are paid off.

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