4 Moving Destination Considerations


Not every move involves a change due to work. For many people, the move is based entirely upon a desire to relocate, usually for retirement, but sometimes simply to pursue a different lifestyle. If you’re considering such a move, the following ideas will help you choose your moving destination.

Make your move because of cost.

Let’s face it: many of us live in high cost areas, places that may be great for raising families and holding down good paying jobs, but prove too expensive for retirement living. Here, you will want to work with your financial advisor to calculate both your current costs as well as your projected income over the next five, 10 or more years.

You may be scraping by where you currently live, but will that be enough for the long haul? Does your anticipated new location give you what you want and at a cost you can afford? It is good to budget your expenses, then find a location where you can live out your life without much overhead.

Move to a new location for weather considerations.

Long winters can take its toll on you. There may be days, even a week or more when you’re unable to get out of your home due to ice and snow. As we get older, it becomes harder to venture out — moving to a climate with more favorable weather conditions is imperative.

Consider the climate of your new location. If it is relatively free of ice during the winter, it may make for a better move. At the same time, some locations are very hot and wet during the summer — you need to keep this in mind and decide if the trade off is worth it.

Your new location may also offer much lower heating costs throughout the winter. At the same time, you may find yourself running the air conditioner longer during the summer. Consider how your utility costs will vary throughout the year from one location to the next.

Make your move to be closer to friends or family.

One of the big reasons people move is to live in an area where friends or family are located. If your son or daughter has relocated to pursue a job, then moving to that location can be ideal, especially if you have grandchildren to visit. But keep this in mind: if your offspring may move again due to a job change, would you be wiling to follow them?

Some people make a move to live closer to friends that moved away. If your circle of friends is congregating in a new area of the country, then you’ll have a ready made network of friends waiting for you. This network can be very supportive and make it easier for you to find new friends too explains the North American Moving Company.

Choose a home where you can walk to everything.

As we age, we’re less likely to drive. At some point, you may give up your license entirely. Unless you have excellent mass transit available where you plan to live, then you may find that the isolation is too much.

On the other hand, if you choose a community where everything is within walking distance, then getting around should prove much easier. You can’t always rely on others to take you where you need to go. Getting there on foot expands your world and allows you to go about your business.

Make Your Life Better

Making any move is a life decision. It will effect everything about you, including your outlook on life, your health, your frame of mind. No move should be taken lightly, but it shouldn’t be avoided either. Friends and family can offer major support, ensuring that your move is conducted as smoothly as possible.