Are Vacation Homes Becoming Less Vacation-Like?

Most of us have a pretty clear idea of what we would like in a vacation home if money were no object. Yet it turns out that the ongoing coronavirus crisis may be changing some of those ideas. It could be that vacation homes are becoming less vacation-like in favor of properties that look more like our primary residences.

A recent post published by MarketWatch calls the phenomenon “COVID design”, implying that it is some sort of architectural or design trend. If that’s the case, there may no longer be any point to investing in a vacation property. If you are just taking what you do at home to a different location, you might just as well stay at home.

  • Vacation Is Supposed to Be Different

The MarketWatch post suggests that people looking to buy or build vacation homes now want them to look more like their primary residences – at least in terms of function and amenities. Design and style preferences might be different, but buyers are looking to include home offices, extra storage space, and bigger mud rooms in their vacation homes.

This is troubling for the simple fact that vacations are supposed to be different. The whole point of taking a vacation is to leave normal life behind for a little while. Vacations are supposed to be lazy and relaxing. They are supposed to be a time to do things you cannot do the rest of the year.

Imagine hiring the Sparano + Mooney architectural firm to help you build a family ski lodge in Park City, Utah. The whole point would be to have a vacation home you could visit whenever you had the urge to go skiing. Every trip to your vacation home would be punctuated by long days on the slopes. That is the way vacation is supposed to be.

  • A Different Setting to Quarantine

Now it would appear as though consumers want vacation homes built around the concept of staying home more often. They want more bedrooms to accommodate extended families. They want larger dens and family rooms. Surprisingly, the Market Watch piece implies they want more room for quarantining.

Is that what things have come to? Have we reached the point at which the family vacation is nothing more than moving the family quarantine to a different setting? God help us if that’s the case. God help us if we are willing to live the exact same lives we do at home and yet call it a vacation just because the view is different.

  • Green Space Is a Silver Lining

If there is a silver lining to the new vacation home trend, it’s the desire for more outdoor and green space. As long as families are quarantining together, they want larger yards and bigger patios on which to do it. More green space allows them to spread out while they do whatever they do.

Most of us would probably agree that you cannot have too much green space. If the end result of this is that more people learn to appreciate the great outdoors (even if just in their own backyards) then we will be able to point to at least one positive. Needless to say, there is a lot to appreciate about the natural world.

Vacation homes are changing. Thanks to coronavirus fallout, vacationers are less likely to use a vacation home as little more than a base for weeks of fun-filled activity. They are more likely to use vacation homes as extensions of their primary residences. For good or bad, that means more time spent at home.

What is needed if you want to Flip Homes Perfectly?

Flip Homes

One of the best ways to make money is to invest it in real-estate. Everyone knows that property rarely drops its price. The money invested in real-estate always keeps the same amount, no matter the events in the economy.

The value of the dollar bill might drop, but the buildings you own will always have the same value. That’s why people invest their money in it.

In this article, we’re going to talk more about home flipping. This is another way to make money out of the real estate business. If you want to know more about it, do read on!

What is home flipping?

The term home flipping originated somewhere in the late 1980s. It was used by real estate investors who used to buy homes, renovate them, and sell them for a higher price.

This seems like a simple job, right? That’s why a lot of people turned to this as their main priority and managed to build empires through this business. Everyone can do it, but home flips for beginners will still require some previous knowledge.

To do it, though, one needs to know how to handle the issue. The following are a few pieces of advice for those who are about to start.

Have enough capital

The main criteria without you simply can’t do is to have the money. The beginning capital is everything. You’ll come across articles on the internet that say – You don’t need money to become a home flipper. This is just not true.

If you want to do this job, the first thing you must do is find a house and buy it. Without money, this is impossible. Sure, you can turn to banks for loans, but this is still money that you need for buying the property. That’s why we say – if you can’t provide the capital, don’t start this business.

Find time to work

The second thing that you might read on the internet, and it’s not true, is that you can work this as a side job. In a way, it can be done, but the job won’t be perfect.

To flip a home means to buy a particular place and renovate it. A home that was cost $200,000 can be improved with some facilities and reach a price of $350,000. For example, placing a swimming pool inside, creating an amazing garden, and renovating the living room will raise the selling price. See here what the median home price in the US is.

All these things need to be done by a subcontractor. These subcontractors must do a perfect job and there’s someone to tell them how to do it. Without a person being on the place every day, and someone who will make the deal with more different contractors, this job won’t be done right.

All this takes time, and if you think that you can go to work from 9 until 5, and then check out what the contractor did, you’re wrong.

Know the market

Without proper knowledge of the real estate market, you won’t be able to make profits. It takes a lot of knowledge and sense for details if you want to do this job properly.

The skills to pick the right house, and the ability to make the proper renovations are a virtue only of the best house-flippers. Not every home is eligible for something like this. For example, if you see an object that is well preserved and is being sold for a lower than usual price, you’ll hurry up and buy it. Learn more about the market here:

The problem here is whether you’ll be able to resell it. Not all homes are easy to be sold. It depends on the location, the city, the market opportunities, and many other things. It takes a true professional to calculate whether a particular place is a good investment or not.


Being a home flipper is easy. Being an excellent and profitable one – not so much. The points from above should tell you that this is not going to be a piece of cake as you imagined it. On the other hand, it’s not rocket science and anyone who’s dedicated can do it and make money from this business idea.

Advantages of Finding Professional Moving Services for Your Particular Requirements

In case you wish to move your house from one place to another, it is vital to handle everything along the way. The primary decision you have to make is whether you should consider findingright movers for your particular needs or not.

Even though you will be able to make various choices both online and offline, it may seem overwhelming for the first time movers to choose based on various resources.

For people that wish to find a moving company, you should check out this particular related site and that will help you make up your mind.

In case that you wish to hire appropriate movers that will help you with this stressful process, you should remain with us so that you can learn allthe advantages and things you should avoid doing during the process:

  1. Peace Of Mind

Finally, you can find a moving company so that you can reduce the stress and hassle of doing everything yourself. Of course, it may be more affordable to avoid professional services; however, with commercial companies, you will get numerous advantages.

The main reason why most people tend to choose professionals is due to challenge and stress you have to pass throughout the moving, especially if you do not have experts around you.

That is why it does not matter where you wish to move to because you should call and contact at least three of them so that you can conduct a comparison and narrow the search down.

That way, you will understand the estimates as well as quotes, which will allow you to compare them and to see which one appeals most to your personality.

Doing background checks and research is a vital perspective that most household owners had to do before making their minds. Finally, you will be able to ensure that you get a trustworthy and reputable company so that you can enjoy all the way.

It is vital to check here so that you can learn more on how to move with ease.

  1. You Will Get Estimation

Estimation is excellent for two reasons: first, you can organize yourself as well as your budget to see whether you can afford it or not in the first place. The second reasons are due to the comparison you should conduct during the hiring process.

However, some movers will avoid going inside your house and give you online estimations, which are not relevant and you do not want to conduct them at all. It is vital to check out with them so that you can get the most accurate estimate without any additional problem.

At the same time, this particular process is a perfect solution that will allow your mover to see what his team has to deal with, as well as specialized equipment and items that require a specific approach.

Even though you are working with professionals, it is vital to create a household inventory list before estimation. The inventory list will provide them with the written proof of what they have seen inside and that will allow them to create a more accurate quote.

If you wish to learn how to sort your things out during the moving process, you should visit this link:

  1. You Will Save Money In A Long Run

We have mentioned above that professional moving services tend to be more expensive than DIY moving; however, in the long run especially for long distancemoving, the DIY moving can be more costly at the very end.

Since you have to handle everything by yourself, you will have to deal with truck rental, mileage expenses and other things that you need to prepare such as boxes, documents and many more.

On the other hand, you will need a more significant initial investment for getting a service instead of DIY, however, in the long run you do not have to worry about extra expenses that may take you a few bucks from your pockets at a time.

You will not even notice it, but at the very end, you will end up spending more money than when paying a service. It is important to remember that you have to compare at least five movers and avoid the one that comes with the lowest price tag even though it sounds like a bargain.

Low cost may lead to lousy handling and lack of insurance, which means that you are responsible for your belongings, even when they are transporting it.

The idea is to find the company that will provide you peace of mind, but you should avoid affordable companies, especially if it is too good to be true.

You have probably seen news about moving frauds that are happening across the world. You hire a company; they take your belongings and request a ransom for it. So before, you make up your mind; it is vital to prepare yourself for all things that may happen along the way.

You should also consider, in case of a local move, to get a local company that features a solid reputation. In most cases, you will save money when compared with finding a large company, and you will still get everything you need.

On the other hand, if you plan going cross-country and long distance, the best approach is to find a reputable moving company that works for at least a decade.


It is important to remember all the time that moving is not a simple process and you have to remember all the details so that you can ensure that your belongings and everything you own is safe.

That is why reliable and the high-quality mover will always provide you with information after your query and asking questions.

Therefore, you should avoid being silent, and ask as much as you can, because that way you’re getting all the details and seeing whether a mover is someone you can work with or not.

Affordable Cross-Country Moving Options

Planning for a move requires a lot of thinking. There are so many aspects of the process to worry about, right from the packing stage to unpacking at your new house. One of the most important aspects is the need to make your relocation as affordable as possible. You will want to look at ways you can save.

Cross-country moving means that you are relocating to another state. It is more expensive than moving within the state because of the distance. Apart from distance, there are other factors that can make the trip more expensive.Read more about that here.

Strategizing for D-day

If there is a sudden need to move, there will be no time to plan as well as you would want. You may start fretting about finances. It is better to relax and plan all you can within the limited time available.

Having a good plan is the key to cutting costs. You don’t have to contemplate borrowing money just to relocate. Thatshould be one of your last options. Apart from saving money, you can also avoid using too much time and energy.


As stated earlier, deliberating on how and what to pack is a crucial part of the planning process. It is best to do away with some of the heaviest items among your possessions. Of course, your best option here is to sell them. You can consider giving them out or donating them too.Begin as early as possible in order to get a good deal from the items you will put up for sale.

For cheaper means of packing, check if there are supplies in storage. If there aren’t, ask for supplies from family, friends, and neighbors. There are a few options recommended in this article for you. No need to buy boxes!


Loading can be cheaper if you hire freight trailers or moving container companies, instead of van lines. With portable moving containers, you can save money. You will handle the loading on your own, or with the help of others, or with cheaper labor hired locally. A moving container company will give you ample time to load your stuff. Once you are done, they will convey the containers to your new place.

Fixing a Date

You are at an advantage if the date for departure can be fixed at your convenience. The date shouldn’t be within the period where the demand for moving companies will be high. During such periods, movers charge more than they normally would.

Choosing the right date will help save time and energy if you are hiring van lines. You will get cheaper rates on packing, loading, offloading and unpacking services which van lines offer.

It is best to relocate during weekends, summeror on holidays. During these periods, people tend to patronize moving companies less. Avoid the beginning and ending of any month, unless they fall under the aforementioned “safe” periods.

Read more about that here:

Are You Moving Because of Work?

Your employers may have asked you to move for a reason. If this is the case, ask them what they can do to render assistance.Direct your query to the Human Resource (HR) Department, if there is one. The help offered could be relevant to making the entire process cheaper.

The company may handle most (if not all) expenses, if it is a new job. Learn about the organization’s relocation policies to see what your benefits are. For the sake of proper reimbursement, ensure that the receipts for all payments are well-kept. This includes the ones for packing supplies.


Shipping your bulky possessions is a great alternative to letting the movers handle the transportation. Cross-country shipping is cheap if there are not many heavy items among your belongings. There are online firms that provide this kind of service.


Look out for discount deals while seeking which mover or truck rentals to patronize. For this, you would need to do some extensive internet research. This is worth the time and effort, especially for those still in military service or veterans.Members of AAA clubs are also entitled to discounts provided by some moving companies.

With all these affordable options, saving is guaranteed. Note that the fastest, easiest, and most convenient way to relocate across country requires the most spending. You can save thousands by following the above tips though.

Making Reasonable Choices When Moving

Moving from one neighborhood to another is never easy. Even for a family that keeps moving to a new town every year, the experience isn’t something that one can eventually grow out of. It’s a stressful experience. Even more so for the head of the household.

Because of how stressful the entire experience can be, it’s easy to mess things up. One critical aspect of a move that should never be compromised is choosing the right moving company. Tossing this cup can lead to costly complications and messy outcome. Here are some helpful tips on how to stay on the right track.

Making the right choices can mean every single item gets taken care of.

Too Cheap To Be True

There are a lot of cheap removalists in Sydney like Bill Removalists Sydney and other well-loved movers. Their price is indeed on the cheaper side – but still fairly reasonable. What homeowners, and even corporate clients, should avoid are moving companies that charge outrageously low.

From a frugal perspective, cheap quotes may sound reasonable. Unfortunately, it’s not always the case. There’s a certain threshold in every product or business where rates start to look iffy. This low rate might just be indicative of a company that compromises some aspects of their business’s operations. Not worth the risk just for the sake of saving a few bucks.

Too Expensive To Be Reasonable

Conversely, there are moving companies that charge a ridiculous premium on their services. The profit ceiling is too high and it’s pretty obvious.

Ideally, it’s wise to avoid them because quality-wise, they’re practically the same as moving companies that charge a bit above the average. In fact, some cheaper options for removalists Sutherland like Bill removalists Sydney do a better job, as per customer reviews.

Most of the moving companies that can command high rates are those that have spent a huge amount of investment in marketing. However, that doesn’t mean their services make a lot of difference than top-rated but reasonably-priced ones.

Get Help From Others

In order to make better choices, clients who are looking for the best moving companies should be educated prior to picking the best from a list. The best way to do this is by spending a couple of hours reading reviews that other customers have written.

Some of these reviews were prompted by dissatisfied clients, while some due to high satisfaction. Either way, reviews provide a lot of insight that other potential clients can make use of especially in times where they’re likely to not think straight.

Avoid nasty regrets – get help from customer reviews.

Always Keep A Level Head

It’s a tall order – but keeping a level head is absolutely important before, during, and after moving to a new home. Stress levels can get high, but if one lets stress get the better of them, they end up with bigger problems.

A notable source of this stress can even come from family members. Those who are objecting to the decision, in particular. It’s hard to blame them for how they feel especially if it entails them leaving behind several friends and the familiarity of a neighborhood.

Unfortunately, it falls upon the adults of the household to impose a sense of conviction in times where the unity of the household is needed. Letting them know that the decision is final, too, helps a lot in dissipating the air of uncertainty and false hope.

Why Use Expert Removal Services for Your Move

Have you found a great new home and can’t wait to finally start making preparations for the big day? Unfortunately, the initial excitement and thrill that comes with finding the perfect home is often quickly replaced with the overwhelming stress of the actual relocation process. However, by working with dedicated and experienced professionals, you can help guarantee your things get to their new home safely and securely, letting you relax for the first time in a long time. Here are some of the ways how working with an expert can benefit you today.

Skilled Specialists

Regardless of the size, shape, or weight of your most precious belongings, your team will be comprised or skilled experts who’ll have years of experience behind them to ensure they’ll know exactly how to get your pieces to their new space safely. Listed below are some of the things you’ll definitely need professional help with:

  • Pianos
  • Artwork
  • Sofas
  • Dressers


Sometimes it’s necessary to be out of your current space before you’re able to move into your new home. While it’s easy for you to rent a hotel room, what on earth will you do with all of your stuff? When you work with the best in Middlesex removals, you can rest easy knowing that they have storage services available for all their clients, letting you take advantage of their containers and keeping your belongings safe until the move-in day finally arrives.

Moving can be stressful, but working with professional removal services makes even the most difficult pieces a little easier to relocate. Keep these tips in mind and find the best removals specialist near you today.

What the Best Removal Companies Will Do for You

No matter how you get it done, moving tends to be an extremely stressful process. Luckily, removal companies can make the transition to your new home much easier for you and your family. Here are some things that only the best removal companies will do for you.

They’ll Do a Pre-Move Survey

When you first hire a removal company, they should come to your home to discuss the following details:

  • They’ll want to figure out exactly what needs to be moved to your new home.
  • They’ll want to make sure that all of your moving needs are met.
  • They’ll also confirm your moving schedule ahead of time.

Offer You Materials and Insurance

Reliable removal services in Harrogate want to make sure that all of your possessions are taken care of in the event of a disaster, so they’ll ask if you’d like to insure all of your property. They’ll also want to make sure that you don’t need any packing materials such as boxes, tape, etc.

Discuss Costs

Once you’ve discussed the services you’ll require, you’ll sit down with the removal company and discuss the cost. The removal company might also assign you a move manager, who will work with you on organising the entire move.

You don’t have to deal with the frustration of moving all by yourself. Removal companies are there to help you every step of the way. Take a little bit of time to do your research and hire a qualified removal company today!

3 Pieces of Advice for Moving House

Moving house is an exciting, albeit stressful, experience. However, before you can kick back, relax and enjoy your new home, there is unfortunately a whole lot of admin to get through. From packing up and cleaning your old house, to moving your items and getting to grips with the ins and outs of your new property, there’s inevitably going to be quite a long adjustment period. To help you get through this as quickly and smoothly as possible, here are 3 pieces of advice for moving house.

  1. Packing

One of the most important tasks when moving house is of course the packing. Although it may seem easy to throw everything into bags and be on your way, in reality it is a far more complex task. By approaching it in an organised and methodical manner, you can save a lot of stress and time further down the line. Start packing all of your non-essential items early in order to reduce the pressure as moving day nears closer. Label all of your boxes clearly to make unpacking easier. You should also ensure that any fragile items are clearly labelled and packaged to avoid any breakages during the move. Be sure to book your removals service in early to ensure that they have capacity on the day. If you are looking for a professional Bondi removals service, there are companies available who come with a whole range of vehicles and trained staff who can ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible.

  1. Tie Up Loose Ends

There are always a number of loose ends which will need to be tied up before leaving your previous property. Be sure to redirect your post to your new home to avoid missing any important mail. If you are renting, then be sure to cancel any direct debits that are being taken from your bank account. Don’t forget to clean your old house fully and empty the fridge so that you don’t end up with any cleaning fees.

  1. Find Out About Your New Home

In the excitement of buying a new home, it is easy to forget to ask some essential questions. This is sure to be a source of regret later down the line as you struggle to find things like the stopcock, thermostat or gas and electricity metres. You can save yourself a lot of hassle by asking these simple questions before you move in. In addition, it’s useful to know local information, such as what day the bins are collected. Finally, it’s often useful to find out some key information on the interior of your new home. If you don’t plan to repaint it entirely, then check where the wall paint is from and what exact shade it is so that you can do simple touch ups. If there is tiling in the kitchens and bathrooms or brickwork in the garden, you may also benefit from knowing where this was from in case any parts ever need replacing.

By asking the right questions you can save yourself stress and time wasting following your move, whilst by being organised and thinking ahead to the future, you can ensure that your move goes without a hitch.

Get Great Waste Pickup and Removal Services from an Experience Team

Maybe you’ve finally decided that enough is enough, it’s time to clean out the garage already. Maybe you’re been having some landscaping done to your home and have a mass of green waste and branches sitting on your kerb. Whether you’re a company looking for this kind of help on a regular basis or someone looking for a one-time job, one thing is for certain – you have waste to get rid of and could really use some help disposing of it!

Throughout the world, skip for hire companies help make communities cleaner, homes brighter, and businesses run more smoothly with quick and efficient trash pickup.

Join the global revolution today with the help of the best skip company in Croydon.

Skip for Hire Services

The best skip for hire services can assist clients in a wide variety of ways, including:

  • Offering prompt pickup services – all you have to do is call, state what you need picked up and when, and they’ll do the rest
  • The option to choose between different-sized skips
  • The option to choose between one-time and regular service, the latter being particularly useful for businesses looking for regular waste pickup each week
  • Environmentally-friendly trash removal and disposal services, which allow you to clean up your premises while helping contribute towards a green-savvy approach to waste management

Experience You Can Trust

Perhaps most importantly of all, the best skip services offer a wealth of experience. You don’t want just anyone handling your waste disposal needs, and the most experienced skip hire company in Croydon can point to decades of dependable service in the area.

Get great waste management services with Croydon’s best skip for hire team today.