Different tips to decorate your room with modern art

decorate your room with modern art

Today we will give you some tips to decorate your room with modern art, a way to give a special style to your room. Through a detail, a single piece you can change the entire decoration.

Key points for a modern decoration

This type of decoration is characterized by being formed in neutral tones, the sofas can be in cream colour and the rugs can match. When having this pale-coloured furniture it is best to choose a work of art that is created in pale form.

Thanks to the pieces of art that you are going to place on the walls, you will be giving colour to your room, a way to give vitality to the environment.

The details of modern art

In addition to giving colour to your walls through the use of modern art you can add some special detail, in this type of environment it is essential not to visually recharge the place. It will be enough to choose a maximum of two pieces of art that stand out and nothing else. Do not run the risk of introducing many new themes, the one you are going to choose should be in a contrasting tone with the wall.

Sometimes we make the mistake of thinking that modern art pieces should have hard lines, this does not have to be the case, sometimes we find pieces of art whose lines are soft, subtle.

What is modern art

Modern art is a definition that is related to the different areas of the art world, the concept seeks to differentiate itself from artistic production, which would represent tradition, while modern art is responsible for representing experimentation.

It is rather an aesthetic concept rather than a chronological stage, finding a limit to establish a period of modern art is not easy, we bear in mind that the art of the Modern Age (which begins in the middle of the 15th century and ends in the 18th century) is not what can be understood as modern art.

Among the painters who dedicated themselves to the realization of modern art we find El Greco, Velázquez, Rembrandt, Goya.

Keys to modern decoration

One of the key points to achieving a modern decoration is creativity, many of which are functional and mobile. In these spaces it is essential that people feel comfortable, relaxed, that they invite to spend time in them. It is essential that it is warm and that it is effective.

When you want to have a modern art decoration, you should not only think about the style of the house, regardless of whether they are minimalist, modern, classic. The use that is going to be given and the options we have available to achieve the best harmonious interior design matters. It is important that all the essential elements for life are in the house.

The materials within modern decoration are very important, for example, when choosing a sofa, chairs, stools, you can choose an upholstery with the same textiles or choose a tone and repeat it throughout the upholstery.

In the case of studio apartments or small spaces, we do not advise you to use large furniture, since visually the place will seem much smaller. You can choose some pieces of unconventional decoration, use different furniture that can have a certain harmony with each other.

Lighting of a modern environment

In these modern environments lighting plays a very important role, thanks to it all rooms will shine. In these environments we will give priority to natural light, and also to artificial light, in which we can choose halogens with white light. If you are wearing a work of art on your walls, you can place some spotlights that help to highlight this piece.

Remember that in this type of environment it is very important to use the elements that are strictly necessary. Lighting will allow you to maximize the effects of that style if it is placed correctly.

Modern decor colours

Lastly, we will refer to the ideal colours to achieve the best modern decoration. One of the most used, without a doubt, is the white colour, which can be combined with grey or brown. These are a good base when we are thinking about a modern decoration.

Remember that the most cheerful colours are not prohibited, only that they must be used in some details, to give it personality. You can place a carpet, lamp, cushions or some best living room paintings to give your living room some life. But keep in mind not to fall into the mistake of using too many colours, the few that you choose must combine with each other perfectly.