Buy Amazing Residential Property In Kolhapur


Kolhapur, is quaint little historical city which is comfortably nestled in the lap of the Panchganga river basin, in Maharashtra. The official language spoken by the people of the city is Marathi. So people planning to settle down in Kolhapur must know a little of the language so that they feel at home in this alien town. The city has a vast scope as far as the education is concerned as it offers students with a wide variety of fields that they can choose as their careers, some being, agriculture, engineering, medical and pharmacy, law etc. this scope of education lures many people to come and settle down in this city of great mythological relevance! This has led to the coming up of new residential and commercial buildings all over the city of Kolhapur.

Siddhesh Heights located in Rajopadhye Nagar offers you luxurious 2 BHK  flats for sale in kolhapur. The prices for the same being 26 lakhs per flat. These buildings are well equipped with 24 hours electricity and water supply, efficient lifts installed with the latest technology, gated communities show that there is proper security and much more.

The Sonai Radhai building located in Kalamba, offers you luxurious flats for sale, these are 3 BHK flats and their prices are 55 lakh each. They are ready to move into. The building is well connected to bus stops, the main bus stop of Kolhapur is located nearby the building which makes highly easy to commute.  Office goers and families with children going to school must consider such localities.

Unity Chrome at Om Nikam estate located in Sambhaji Nagar, offers you luxurious 2 BHK flats for sale in kolhapur. The prices of the same being 45.64 lakhs. You can take possession of the flats by January 2015 as the building is still under construction. The building or society is located next to the famous Rankala Chaupati, there are various good schools all around the society, and also there are banks and markets nearby. All this along with a comfortable home makes life highly pleasurable.

There are several 1 BHK flats available in areas like Rajarampuri. There are various flats available for rent too, the prices for the same are 10,000 (negotiable). These one bedroom-hall and kitchen flats are suitable for students who come from other cities and don’t have a place to stay in.

There are 5 BHK residential flats available in areas like Lakshmipuri, the prices of theses flats are 70 lakh. They are ready to move into but are unfurnished.

There are 2 BHK flats available in various areas in Kolhapur, their prices ranging from 26 lakhs (the prices may vary from area to area). They too are unfurnished. You can take the possession from January 2015. There are 2 BHK multi storey apartments and flats available in Tarabai Park. The price for the same being 42.0 lakhs. There are a few available in Jarag nagar, their price being 26 lakhs. A 2 BHK flat available in Tapowan, and many other areas host a number of 2, 3, 4 and 5 BHK flats and villas.

Looking for flats for sale in Kolhapur, is not a hassle at all. Make sure you choose a flat which is well connected to your work place or educational institute, as commuting may become a hassle if the travelling is not considered before buying or renting a flat in Kolhapur.

Apart from the efficient education system and beautifully built buildings and houses, Kolhapur is famous for its temples, its rich mythological connections and not to forget the mouthwatering Maharashtrian cuisines that include the Kolhapuri misal, sukaa mutton, kolhapuri taat and a lot more!