Do Your Double-Glazed Doors or Windows Need Some Repair and Maintenance?


Double-glazed doors and windows are a great idea because they can save money. The extra layer of insulation provided by double-glazed windows means that up to thirty percent less heat or cold is lost through the pane of glass. This translates into saving on energy bills every year.

Problems with Your Double Glazing

As great as double glazing is, there are times when it needs to be repaired. The cost of replacing double glazing can be cost-prohibitive but the good news is that local double glazing repairs in Andover can help.

So, how do you know when to call out a double glazing expert to repair your windows? Here are some common issues to look out for:

  • Condensation: Well-sealed double glazing provides an extra layer of insulation but if you notice condensation on water droplets trapped in the gap between the two panes of glass, there could be a leak or a hole somewhere. Double-glazed glass should be hermetically sealed so any water getting trapped inside means that you need to have it looked at by an expert.
  • Draughty: Are you noticing some cold draughts coming from the double-glazed windows? This could mean a number of things, including ill-fitting hinges and locks or a window frame that is out of alignment.

Save Money by Getting it Repaired

Replacing double-glazed windows can be an expensive exercise but having them inspected and repaired by a local expert can save you some real money and restore your windows to their best.