Which Type of Security is the Best for My Door


What are commonly called “door security systems” are any type of device or system that has specially designed and made to prohibit any unauthorised entrance into someone’s doors, be it at home or at work. These anti-burglar systems are on the market as:

  • Locks
  • Double Glazing
  • Chains
  • Alarms
  • Reinforcements

The material which is used for doors and windows is also an important factor of security as any substandard materials or construction methods will certainly have a negative effect on any door’s ability to hold the basic integrity in place during any kind of attempted break in.

Safe and Sound

  • One of the most important things to think over with regards to solid working door security plan is material used and the frame.
  • Strong metal or solid wood external sliding doors with a sturdy frame will prevent any kind of forced entry a lot more than any kind of low cost laminated or hollow core doors.
  • Laminated door may splinter when hit hard.
  • Solid wood and metal doors are much more difficult to break through, even though it is possible to strengthen a laminated door with a metal plate which wraps around it where the lock is.

Matters of Locks

  • The good old fashioned lock is the single most conventional kind of door security in the world are available in many shapes and sizes.
  • We all know what a traditional doorknob looks like and that it simply keep a door bolt in its place.
  • The common outside kind of door has a separate keyed lock that moves a deadbolt which then extends from the lock into the door frame keeping the door in place.
  • Such locks, when correctly installed are efficient and have been specially designed to be anti-lock picked or interfered with and can be properly fitted on a door with a strong metal plate to aid in reinforcing it.
  • Popular over the years are sliding chain locks which allow for the door to be slightly opened when attached, but prohibit chain removal are also available.

Keeping Your Home, Your Home

  • There are also hook and eye types of latches and a sliding bar.
  • Metal or wooden bars can be placed across the back of a door, which will extend and cover the frame on both sides. (A rather simple security system solution, even though of the extreme kind!)
  • Door safety also comes in the shape of built-in or structural types as in the case of reinforced jambs and frames.
  • All of these types can be put into use with regards to door security, and will put a stop to your door being opened even if the lock has somehow been damaged.

So, if you’re looking at better security for your home, simply get online and do some research.

If it’s for brand new windows or new sliding doors to withstand any type of assault, you can find a door or window specialist who can take care of all of your needs.