Which Features Of A Serviced Office Make The Working Day More Pleasant


There are lots of different ways that an office space can make the working day more pleasant for your employees. When you look at an office building to rent, it is a good idea to put the comfort of your employees at the front of your mind.

Which features of a serviced office make the working day more pleasant for the employees?

  • Fast internet
  • Comfortable lighting
  • Thick carpets to reduce the amount of noise in the office
  • Large amounts of parking

Anti-Glare Lighting

When people are working at their desks in serviced offices in Harrogate, they need the right amount of light. The serviced offices have anti-glare lights, which allow you to see properly and you are not going to get dazzled at all.

These lights also make people more productive, because they believe that they are being watched by their managers. When you are looking at an office space, check the condition of the lights which have been installed there. This is one of the most crucial decisions that you are going to make. Think about how dark it is going to be during winter and how much light your employees are going to need.

High-Speed Internet

Your internet speeds are going to be extremely fast when you are using office space in a serviced building. This means that large files can be shared any downloaded without anyone having to wait. This is especially important when you are conducting time-sensitive communication with clients and want to share information with them as quickly as you possibly can.

The internet is never going to drop out, even when there are dozens of people in the same office block all using the internet.

Soft Carpets

Volume is important when people are working in an office. You will want to rent office space which has thick carpets. People walking along the floor in high-heels or shoes are not going to make a sound. This means that other people are not going to be distracted at all and they can carry on with their work.

Ample Parking

People will want to park their cars close to the office so that they are not going to have to walk very far in order to get to the building. You can check the parking spaces before you decide that you are going to rent an office space.

Office Morale

Even the smallest features of an office can have a large impact on the morale of the people who are working there.


Everything from the lighting to the carpets can make an office the perfect place to work. Serviced offices are going to be well-maintained by the company that runs them, so you will not have to concern yourself with the upkeep of the building.

You can draw up a shortlist of different offices to see which one is going to be the most suitable for the employees in the long-term.