What Type Of Agricultural Fencing Do You Need?


A fence around a piece of agricultural property or even just your vegetable garden needs to serve two purposes: it needs to keep certain things in, and keep other things out. If you are trying to keep livestock, you’ll need a fence that keeps your livestock in, but keeps any predators out. If you’re trying to grow vegetables, you just need to keep predators out. Here is how that is done.

How it Is Done

The first step is finding the best fencing services in Banstead.

  • A vegetable garden or a farm needs fences that will keep pests out. The most common pests are rabbits and deer.
  • To keep rabbits out, your fence needs to be dug several centimetres into the ground so the rabbits cannot dig underneath them. It needs to be about a metre high so rabbits cannot jump over it. It also needs to have small holes so rabbits cannot squeeze through.
  • Chicken wire is a common choice for rabbit fencing.
  • If you’re raising livestock, you will also need something sturdy enough to keep your livestock in.
  • A post and rail fence is a great option for keeping livestock in; it also gives them something to lean on.

Post and Rail Fencing

A post and rail fence is one of the simplest types of fences. Posts, typically wooden, are installed at evenly spaced intervals. They’re then sunk into the ground. Depending on the type of livestock and the type of ground, they might be cemented into the ground. Poles are then installed between the posts. It’s as simple as that; this type of fence is very durable and very easy to repair.