What Kind Of Paperwork Will An Estate Agent Help You With


You will be aware that there is a large amount of paperwork to fill out when you are in the process of selling your house. There are several reasons why you will want to hire a competent estate agent to deal with all of the paperwork on your behalf:

  • You may not know which paperwork needs to be submitted
  • You might fill in paperwork incorrectly
  • You might be too busy to deal with all of the important paperwork

An estate agent should have the right training so that that the know all of the paperwork requirements.

What paperwork will the estate agent put together on your behalf?

Sale Contract

The sale contract puts in writing that the house will be sold to the interested potential buyer on a set date. The entire document can be written up by estate agents in the Havering area and they will make sure that no details have been left off. The agent will also include the price that has been agreed and the date on by which the deal can be terminated.

What You Need To Know: the estate agent will remind you that this is a legally binding document that must be abided by. If it is not abided by, there is the possibility of legal action being carried out.

Property Defect Disclosure

It is a legal requirement to submit a document that details all of the defects that the property has, and then the new property owners can take action.

What You Need To Know: you must submit all of the defects of the house without hiding anything. The estate agent can create this document on your behalf and it will not leave out any vital details.

Title Deeds

Your property is registered in your name when you buy it. This is known as the title deeds or the title document.

What You Need To Know: The estate agent will make sure that the title deeds on the document are changed before the sale of the house can proceed.

Resale Document From The Housing Association

A resale document can be acquired by the estate agent from the local Housing Association. This is a document that gives the new owners some contact information about the association.

What You Need To Know: the estate agent will contact the housing authority to make sure that a resale document is procured in order to move the sale of the house along.

Financing Contract

Most potential buyers will need to get a mortgage in order to buy the property from you. This is a perfectly normal part of the process. However, you will need a financing contract. This is a document that allows you to terminate the deal if the funds are not raised by an agreed date.

What You Need To Know: the estate agent will write this up and then both parties will be able to sign.


An estate agent will be able to create or procure all the documents that will be needed for a house sale in the future.