Turn Your Conservatory into Added Living Space


If you are considering adding an extension to your home, consider transforming your conservatory into a living space instead. Conservatories come in a variety of styles, from lean-to conservatories to Victorian conservatories, and more that can be converted into an extra room, which can be less expensive than adding an extension onto your home.

With the option of separating your conservatory from the main house with glass doors, or even leaving the entranceway open, your space will appear larger and allow light to stream into the house. In addition, the conservatory will become useable space with a lot of natural light, creating a cosy, comfortable environment.

There are services that specialise in building and converting conservatories in Barnsley that can examine your space and help you determine the look and function that is best for your home. Options vary from company to company, but some possibilities are mentioned here.

  • Adding a new conservatory
  • Adding a roof to an existing conservatory
  • Adding an orangery

Traditional Conservatories

There are several options for traditional conservatories, regardless of whether you want a garden or living area. For homes that do not have much outside space available, a lean-to conservatory with a pitched roof might be the best option. A Victorian conservatory is slightly larger and can have three or five sides, depending on the look you are trying to achieve.

A Gable conservatory looks impressive with high vaulted ceilings, but the Edwardian conservatory is growing in popularity due to its 90 degree corners, which make it suitable for tables or sofas. Whatever style conservatory you choose, consider windows that will open in the summer to let in fresh air and possibly even bi-fold doors to make the outdoors accessible from the new room.

Adding a Roof

If you are adding a new conservatory or converting an existing one, the addition of a roof can make the space more inviting. A tiled roof offers several benefits, including reducing noise from rainfall and glare from the sun, as well as providing insulation to reduce heating costs. If you prefer more natural lighting than the roof allows, ask your contractor to install roof lights.

The Orangery

One alternative to a traditional conservatory is the orangery, constructed with brick, windows, and a lantern roof. The orangery offers a different look and feel from the traditional conservatory. The glazed lantern roof allows light to enter the room while providing energy efficiency. The roof’s special design transfers and retains heat without making the space too hot.

With so many choices for your conservatory, talk to an installer who can answer your questions and suggest the best option for your home.