Top Investment Tips For Buying A Family Holiday Home


Buying a vacation home for your family can be a great way to provide a solid base for happy lifelong memories. There’s something to be said for not having to find new accommodation every time you travel and giving the kids something to look forward to each summer. Furthermore, a holiday home can be a worthy investment. Although most vacation homes won’t give the same returns as a diversified stock portfolio, they can still potentially appreciate in value and provide rental income if you make your purchase wisely.

Research Options Thoroughly

Before you start falling in love with real estate listings in dreamy beachfront locations, you’ll need to research all of your options. Those seemingly ideal beachfront resorts may come equipped with homeowners associations, building restrictions, or a confusing network of local laws to navigate first. In addition to private residential homes, it’s also worth looking at timeshares or other joint ownership opportunities, but always proceed with a bit of scepticism at first.

Look Beyond the Listing Price

With a firm budget in mind, you’ll be better able to peruse listings realistically and find the perfect fit. Your holiday home may provide a means for extra income, but you’ll want to think about its recreational use for your family first. In addition to the listing price, also factor taxes, utilities, insurance, and maintenance fees into your budget.

Plan for All Seasons

It’s recommended to visit your dream holiday area a few times throughout the year before you invest in property. For example, if you have your heart set on a Gold Coast property in Australia, spend some time there in the winter before you seriously start looking at Homesales real estate NSW. If you find the little resort communities just as idyllic during this time, you’ll be ready to get serious about your purchase.

Consider a Legal Advisor

You’ll probably want to work with a real estate agent in your chosen vacation area to narrow down your prospects, particularly if you live at a distance. Local agents will be able to provide you with current information regarding rental prospects, community regulations, atmosphere, amenities, and schools. It’s particularly important to seek professional assistance if you are looking at property abroad, because rules about ownership or title transfer may be different than your home country. In countries like Mexico, the government owns the land so you can purchase property but not the land it sits on. A local lawyer can help you understand your rights as a property owner.

Choose a Rental-Friendly Location

When looking at a home from an investment perspective, you’ll want to think about how easy it will be to rent it out. Even if you don’t immediately plan on renting the property, this will be easier in the future if it is located near an urban area or next to a beach.

Above all, as you start to compare potential holiday homes for your family you’ll want to think of it as a long-term investment. Is there enough room for friends to come visit you during the holiday months? Are there parks or recreation facilities nearby for your children to enjoy? Looking at the big picture can help you find the perfect fit.