Thinking about buying your dream home? How about in Malta?

dream home

Are you thinking about buying your dream home? Why not buy one in Malta? It may sound strange but the Maltese economy is booming, the weather is nice year around, and the environment is beautiful. What’s more is that luxury homes are very affordable making Malta real estate very tempting for many Europeans and Americans.

Because the property market is so affordable, and because Malta is a great place to live, given its climate, weather, history, and culture so many are flocking to Malta to buy up real estate. Indeed, the homes that sell the fastest and the most often are those in REMAX’s exclusive listing program. Those real estate agents who sell these types of homes report that the average time on market for these homes has been 36 days in the past two years. This is a short period of time in real estate.

REMAX has found that the most popular homes, the ones that sell the most often and the fastest, are the ones that are personally and meticulously inspected by the real estate agents to ensure that the house meets all of Malta’s safety standards and other regulations, thereby ensuring that the buyers and their families will be safe and secure after purchasing the houses. But the inspection process does not stop there because the agents inspect the integrity of the house to insure that all outside and inside infrastructure is sound and in-tact, the foundation does not have any issues (foundation repairs can be very expensive), and that all utilities (faucets, toilets, etc…) are in working condition.

The buyer is then motivated by the agent to agree to a promise of sale – in which he or she promises to purchase the house – if the price and property conditions meet or exceed their expectations. Our real estate agents are quite savvy and knowledgeable in terms of pricing the properties because they access our extensive database of statistics and do extensive market-based research to arrive at home values which reflect its true value, but are well within the ranges and limits of the Maltese market. The real estate agents convene with the property owners to ensure that they understand the entire pricing process and have access to the research that the real estate agents do. The real estate agents also ensure that the property owners understand the meaning and implications of the research to ensure that they will agree to the price that the agent values their properties at.

The entire process ends with all parties being mutually and equally satisfied. The home buyers are satisfied because they are receiving prime properties which are priced at fair, accurate, and affordable prices, the sellers get good value for their properties, and the real estate agent receives a good commission, and has a very satisfied customer.

No other real estate agency in Malta goes through this painstaking and detailed process to ensure that properties on their listings are actually worth their list price, and are worth buying. The result of our efforts has been a constant stream of satisfied customers and referrals who are always coming back to us for future deals!