The Signs of Plumbing Problems

Inexperienced plumber trying to repair an electric water heater

Plumbing problems might seem to strike unannounced and cause untold havoc throughout your house. They can be incredibly uncomfortable, embarrassing, and expensive; however, they are usually not random. While they might seem like they come out of nowhere, plumbing problems usually begin with small signs of problems to come. They broadcast themselves to anyone who knows what to look for. So if you know what to look for, you can call a plumbing professional early on and avoid the worst possible problems. The worst problem are those that involve sewage backing up into your house. Those types of problems result in water damage, sewage damage, and repairs to your actual plumbing. So here are some signs of developing plumbing emergencies.

Weak Water Pressure

If you have weak water pressure in one of your fixtures, it could be the result of some kind of blockage in your pipes. Such a blockage is a sign that something has gotten lodged in the pipe and is impeding the flow of water. However, if you have weak water pressure in multiple pipes, it could be a sign of an emergency to come. The emergency to come might involve a blockage in the water main or some kind of problem with the pump. A blockage in the water main can cause a burst that impedes the water flow to your house for days and days. So if you have problems with your water pressure, immediately call emergency plumbers in Southampton. Professional help is the best way to avoid devastating water main issues.

Sewage Smells

Your plumbing system involves the water from your fixtures flushing into a sewer main and being taken to your septic tank or to the municipal treatment facility. That way, you should not smell any sewage in your house. However, if you smell sewage from your drains, you might have a problem. If it’s only one drain, you should try to run some water to see if that fixes the problem. There is a U-joint in many drains that holds water and traps sewage smells. However, if you smell it from multiple drains, you could have a blockage in your sewer main, which could quickly turn into a serious problem.

If you’re smelling sewage from more than one fixture, call a plumber immediately.

Odd Reactions

Many different problems can manifest themselves as simply odd reactions when you use your plumbing system. For example, if you turn on your kitchen sink and water bubbles up in your toilet, that could be a sign of a problem. Such an odd occurrence could mean that some kind of pressure or blockage is changing the way your plumbing system is operating. This type of problem needs to be addressed before it becomes a serious issue. Running water functions on the principles of pressure and vacuum. So any problem that affects the pressure of your water will likely manifest as a problem in multiple fixtures.

Don’t assume that a problem will resolve itself; you need to be proactive about solving it. Being proactive is the best way to reduce the chance of serious problems.