The Importance of Building Surveyors


Most people know that they need building surveyors at some point in their construction projects but may not understand exactly what their role is. With the understandably large scope of a typical construction project, it’s easy to see how the very importance of building surveyors gets lost in all of the bustle of a job site.

What Does a Builder Surveyor Do?

A building surveyor’s main role is to communicate with project professionals including builders, architects, and engineers to ensure that the build is safe, liveable, and energy efficient as well as provide advice on design and building regulations.

When Do You Need One?

Building surveyors in RH5 usually show up to inspect land or property but can be called upon at any point in time during project management, construction, or design.

For example, you might need to speak with a building surveyor for a major renovation such as a home extension or when you’re considering a property purchase. Old, large, or rundown property, an altered building, or a major works project all require a building survey. The surveyor will provide you with a full report of the structure that lists repairs, defects, and options for maintenance. Also, a building surveyor is involved with a new build to ensure that all standards are met.

Building Surveyor for Your Project

Most building surveyors are involved in the overseeing of your project from the initial planning and design phases and permission to its completion. Surveyors add value to your project through their unique blend of property expertise, construction knowledge, and design flair.