Talk to an Estate Agent about Hidden Costs


If you are ready to find your dream house, you can make your search for a home easier by contacting an estate agent. If you have not bought a home previously, you will need to note some of the hidden costs. These expenses can add as much as 10% to the home cost. Operating a home is also costlier than what a former renter expects.

Review the Expenses with a Professional

Confer with London estate agents about the costs involved in buying and owning a property. By taking this approach, you can set money aside for the following:

  • A stamp duty often adds several thousand pounds to the expense of a home purchase. In some cases, the amount can be as much as 7%.
  • Conveyancing can also cost a good deal of money. The process includes search fees and registration with the Land Registry. How much you will spend will depend heavily on the searches that are performed and the value of the home that is being bought.
  • Surveys and valuations can prove to be rather costly, ranging from a couple hundred pounds to a couple thousand pounds in total.

Being Realistic About the Costs and Your Expectations

The above list is just a sampling of some of the expenses. You also have to factor in mortgage arrangement fees, indemnity fees, broker fees, and estate agent costs. Next, review costs for redecorating, removal, and the purchase of furniture and white goods. Indeed, finding a dream home must be done using a realistic perspective with respect to the financing and total fees.