Soda Blasting Your Surfaces Clean


If you need something such as a brick wall cleaned, you probably think about sandblasting. Brick is very difficult to clean because it is a very rough surface with millions of nooks and crannies. All of the different pores and crevices in the brick wall make it extremely difficult to get it clean; there are just too many places for dirt and grime to make a home. Therefore, you choose sandblasting. Sandblasting is spraying sand at very high speed to clean surfaces such as brick. The sand flies into every nook, cranny, and crevice of the brick wall. However, the abrasive nature of sand is a blessing and a curse. It is abrasive and rough; therefore, it cleans your wall very effectively. However, it is too rough for delicate surfaces that might be degraded too quickly by the sand. Softwoods, porcelain, glass, and other materials such as that are too delicate for sandblasting.

Soda Blasting

If you have a surface that needs to be cleaned but cannot be sandblasted, you need to consider soda blasting in Perth. Soda blasting is almost the same as sandblasting but instead of sand, the professionals will spray bicarbonate of soda at very high speeds. Bicarbonate of soda is something that you are very familiar with; it’s baking soda. The professional cleaners will spray baking soda at very high speed at a surface to clean it. This is obviously very effective because you likely clean with baking soda anyway.

Cleaning with Baking Soda

Baking soda is great for cleaning because it is classified as a biopesticide. It reacts with acids to neutralise them. It also reacts with oils. It soaks up oil and other liquids. It is so good at soaking up liquid that it can kill pests, mould, and mildew. Therefore, it is considered a biopesticide in many countries; however, it is a perfectly safe and natural one. You can clean mildew, kill cockroaches, and bake cookies with bicarbonate of soda. It is also a natural disinfectant and deodorant. That’s why it’s so good at scrubbing refrigerator smells.

Natural cleaning solutions often recommend that you use baking soda for all of these reasons; also, it is useful because it is abrasive without being excessively so. Baking soda can be used to scrub away dirt and oil without too many problems. It is abrasive enough to scrub away dirt and grime but not so abrasive that it scratches wood or glass. It is the safer and gentler alternative to sandblasting that many people find very useful. You should consider it for your next cleaning product.

Just call some professionals and ask them about blasting your surfaces with baking soda. It might be right for you and your cleaning needs.