Plant Hire Makes for a Cost Effective Solution for Equipment Needed on a Construction Project

Plant Hire

Plant and machinery, especially those used in construction, have mostly periodic use that leads to the machinery and plant being idle for substantial periods of time, with both the machinery and its operators and other maintenance staff remaining idle. As it is, this equipment is highly capital intensive and requires large amounts of money and other financial options for their purchase. 

All construction goes through various stages, each of which requires a particular form of equipment for the execution. You will require excavators, loaders, compactors, and rollers during the initial excavation, all of which become virtually redundant after this work is completed. Concrete mixers will be required once the structural work is commenced, and these will also become redundant once the structure is completed and the finishing work starts. Cranes are needed almost throughout the construction, but even here see the substantial time of idleness, while the overheads on the equipment continue to add to costs. What then does a construction company have to do to keep these costs on plant and equipment in control? The solution obviously is to go in for plant hire from any plant hire Kent so that it does not have to spend on the capital for buying the required equipment, while it can still obtain all the needed plant and equipment exactly when it is required at a particular stage of construction. If you have your project based in Kent, then further details at can prove useful.

Plant hire is very cost-effective and gives smaller companies access to a wide range of machinery at low costs. You need to hire what you need when you need it. You do not also have to worry about maintenance costs, and even the cost of operators, as most plant hiring companies will include this in the quoted rates. Another advantage to hiring equipment is that you will always have access to the latest models and a wide choice of equipment. 

When you go in for plant hire Kent, plan and schedule your work so that the hired equipment is utilized to the maximum during its period of hire, and make sure that is has the least idle time, as once the plant reaches your worksite, the meter starts ticking over. You must be careful to sequence your other work around the working of this plant as far as possible.

Plant hire gives you a lot of flexibility in the execution of a project as it allows you to make changes whenever you need any extra equipment to speed up work. You also do not have to worry about the storage of this equipment when it is not in use, as the hirer will take it away as soon as its work is done.