How COVID-19 will impact real estate

real estate

The Coronavirus continues to spread throughout communities across the country, which also means it will leave behind impacts in all sectors of both business and personal life – on how people live, work and play. Some are devastating, of course; others, a change from what used to be – and, with adjustments, are hopeful for the future.

The key factor to a promising future for real estate is rethinking business as usual by acting now to look ahead when the crisis is over. Leaders are looking outside the industry for answers – into the psychology, sociology and technology landscape of what will be. What will safe workspaces look like? Will home living still include those in search of condos out of fear of riding elevators? Business leaders and real estate agents in Myrtle Beach, S.C., are doing a deep dive into those transformative questions for predictive insights.

In our state of South Carolina, real estate is considered an essential business. Which means our agency is working hard to serve our clients, while also practicing safe social distancing during the uncertain pandemic still at-hand. Here are a few of the heaviest hitting impacts on real estate that we’re seeing, based on reports gathered by the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR):

*Lower mortgage rates. While U.S. mortgage rates are ever-changing, just as the changes and uncertainty of the Coronavirus, they did hit an all-time low in early March, with 30-year fixed-rate mortgages averaging 3.29%. This could be advantageous for buyers, as well as sellers, on setting the sale price.

*Delays on closings. Unfortunately, it has become more difficult and delayed to close on a real estate transaction because of safety and travel restrictions. Only a few states have authorized RON, or Remote Online Notarization. South Carolina Association of REALTORS® (SCR) and Coastal Carolina Association of REALTORS® are supporting a bill to allow remote online notarization here in the state, so there is hope that this will streamline the process.

*Luxury home sales on the rise. Reports indicate that wealthy buyers from China are looking to buy properties in Australia, Canada and the U.S. as a safer option to their nation during these times.

*Digital world domination. Physical distancing and travel restrictions have forced the industry to shut down in-person open houses and instead rely on virtual showings via video tours, FaceTime, Facebook Live videos and more. It’s a digital customer service that will now become commonplace, at least temporarily.

State guidelines on real estate services and restrictions are constantly changing, so be sure to check back for any updates on South Carolina.

Common Home Staging Errors to Avoid

Homeowners mostly consider interior design only when they settle in a new home. Nevertheless, it can be effective also when they decide to sell. Today, home staging has become essential to stay ahead in this competitive real estate market. Proper staging allows attracting a wide range of buyers and even getting a better value for your home.

Successful home staging makes a huge difference between selling it fast and allowing it to sit on the listing unsold for a long time. Visit, for a great Colorado home selling or buying experience. However, you need to avoid common home staging mistakes.

Never take photos pre-staging

Once you stage, it is hard to restage a room virtually. If you staged a room as a bedroom then you will not be able to restage it virtually if the buyer desires a home office look. Therefore, to remain flexible take pictures before staging. In this manner, the same room can be staged virtually in many different styles or for different purposes.

Overlooking the accent wall

Accent walls add depth and color to even a boring space. For creating an accent wall, think contrast like bright and energizing colors or dark grays or removable graphics. It adds personality to the listing.

Outdated window treatment

The ugly, outdated window treatments will kill the vibe of a room besides lighting fixtures and paints. The 1990s vertical blinds were the trend but today they are outdated. Window treatments are within your means or you can choose sheer white curtains with dark panels. It will blend with anything. Avoid patterns!

Gender bedrooms is a big NO

Never gender children’s bedroom or playroom. Create a room that allows buyers to dream of their own design ideas in that room. If you are staging modern home then a bunk bed, rocking horse, and some stuffed animals would work fine.

Improper furniture arrangement

The living room looks dull when all the furniture is arranged against the wall. A large room can look cold and small space will look cluttered. It is wise to replace the furniture that fits in the space.

Avoid over-personalizing the décor

Depersonalization is the goal of home staging. The basic idea is when buyers walk across the home; they need to see a welcoming home ambiance with clean lines. Buyers will not reveal what they like but will always tell you what they don’t like. That means when they walk across a room with excessive collectibles and personal décor, they get turned off quickly!

Propertycentral: The Property Hub

at propertycentral.

There are many residential formats to choose from – Residential plot, apartments, the single floors, independent houses, and multi-story flats. If you have the required finances, ready-to-move-in is the ideal option for an end-user. This property would be significantly more expensive than at the launch stage but the buyer is protected against time and cost over-runs and also the EMI payment during the period when the house is under construction. For an investor who wants regular rental returns from his property investment, a ready to move in property brings immediate rental income which helps pay back the loan to buy the property at propertycentral.

Real estate

Real estate is real property that consists of land and improvements, which include buildings, fixtures, roads, structures, and utility systems. Property rights give a title of ownership to the land, improvements, and natural resources such as minerals, plants, animals, water, etc. There are several types of real estate, each with a unique purpose and utility. The main categories are:

  1. Land
  2. Residential
  3. Commercial
  4. Industrial

For anyone looking to understand how the industry works and what each of the major categories represents, the explanations below will be a helpful guide. Residential real estate consists of housing for individuals, families, or groups of people. This is the most common type of estate and is the asset class that most people are familiar with. Within residential, there are single-family homes, apartments, condominiums, townhouses, and other types of living arrangements at propertycentral.

Things to remember before buying a property

  • Consult Experts

It may be ideal to engage a good real estate agent to locate a resale property/flat. He would be in a position to locate sellers as well as guide you regarding the price of such properties in different localities. They would also be in a position to tell you about the seller of the property.

  • Check Title of a Resale Flat/ Property

Engaging with experts like real estate agents and lawyers will help you, but it is always better to be well-informed yourself when entering into deals and procedures for buying resale flat/property. The first step in buying a resale flat/property would be to establish the title of the seller; whether he is the real owner of the property/flat or has been given the power of attorney to transact the deal.

  • Check document

Buying resale property may seem great, but it could become a big problem if the documents regarding the original purchase and subsequent transfer of title are not properly stamped. Firstly, it could pose great problems especially if you want to apply for a loan for the purchase of the resale property.

  • Check the Value of a Resale Flat/ Property

Next, it is imperative to note that the loan amount is highly dependent on the cost of the property. Technical experts would evaluate the property/flat. However, it would be useful to yourself avail the services of a property valuator at a small fee before approaching the banks. The bank’s property valuator may valuate the property at a much lower rate.

Profitable investment in real estate abroad

The choice of property is a complicated case. In order to determine which object you want to buy, it is important to analyze not only the catalog with prices and features of every country, but also the maintenance cost and annual tax liabilities. The agency will help you buy a foreign property. In our catalog, you will find the widest variety of overseas property for all tastes – from the tourist apartments to the commercial facilities and land for the construction of villas.

We are sure that any relationships are based on trust. For our part, we work only with an existing, proven real estate database and competent realtors we trust. Such an approach is reflected in statistics: lots of successful deals and hundreds of grateful buyers are our personal pride and incentive to develop and improve.

Buying real estate is a complicated process

The purchase of an apartment is often associated with filling out the papers and complex legal documents – this is unavoidable, but this process can and should be in accordance with all legal rules. Only an individual approach will turn the process of buying an apartment into a pleasant and memorable event and save the client from unnecessary anxiety and fear.

Needless to say, the real estate market itself is rather unstable and volatile, in the sense that real professionals must regularly monitor all the innovations related to changes in legislation and amend the previously formulated work plan. Only considering all current trends, the realtor will be able to provide the procedural services without risks for the buyer. Our specialists are comprehensive professionals who are interested in performing successful transactions; that’s why they don’t consider suspicious offers. They regularly increase the current skill level and place statistics based on the contemporary real estate prices in the US, Australia, UK, and other countries on

Benefits of cooperation with Fodyo

  • Safety – the company has organized a multilevel approach to the analysis of estate papers – the documents are analyzed by an agent, a manager, a lawyer, and other specialists (if necessary).
  • Success – our company is achievement-oriented! The technologies and working methods developed by us provide successful performance of transactions by the clients of the company.
  • Main advantage – during the years of successful work, the company has gained a solid reputation as a leader in the field of sale of real estate. It has multiple commendations from the clients served. Our principles are professionalism, intelligence, honesty, correctness, and courtesy.
  • Multipurposeness- a full range of agency services allows the company to solve any problems related to the real estate market transactions.
  • Profitable terms – the company Fodyo is a dynamic team of professionals, building a successful and lucrative enterprise, always fulfilling its obligations. There are discounts and special offers for regular customers.
  • Individual approach – real estate agency offers both a comprehensive solution of the customers’ issues and small individual tasks, depending on the needs, desires, and opportunities of the customer.

Sale, purchase, or leasing of a foreign real estate – any deal will be carried out by our agents with the highest level of professionalism. Experienced specialists of the company Fodyo will help you at all stages of the real estate activity – from the conclusion of the contract to getting keys on the spot.






Choose furnished and Feature Packed Homes for Sale in Mississauga Ontario

Today, it is possible to achieve all the dreams. Most of us aspire to purchase a home, condos, apartment, flat, 2 bedroom house, 3 bedroom house whenever the budget permits. Yes, of course, it is very tough to purchase a home because mostly the price tag is very high. In the past, arranging finance was a difficult task but today sufficient numbers of options are available for prospective buyers. If you are producing a sufficient number of papers to the bank regarding monthly income and other assets then most probably your loan would get sanctioned. Once the problem of arranging finance is resolved, you must begin searching for a good home.

A home is a personal paradise where you can freely enjoy quality time with the family. In a rented home, it is very tough to make necessary adjustments. Also, the landlords keep interfering in private life and raise the rent when they feel like it. So, the best option is purchasing a personal home and bringing convenience in life. In this age where the internet is the best source for collecting information, you should visit popular property listing platforms. It would become easier to identify suitable and affordable options. Taking expert advice and then proceeding in the correct direction is always beneficial. Real estate experts and reliable property listing websites always suggest the prospective buyers about appropriate options. When the prospective buyers receive ethical and caring representation then they get assured about quality. If you are searching homes for sale in Brampton Ontario then take a glimpse of all its features.

It is not necessary that all properties would be available within your budget. The cost of expensive and palatial bungalows is very high. So, you must take care of all aspects then proceed in the direction of purchasing a good home. The size of family, the requirement of family members the lifestyle and special preferences also matter. Some buyers look for special facilities like swimming pools, gardens and garages. In fact, all these are necessities of modern life. Share all preferences with the sales representative of the property listing platform while searching Ajax homes for sale.

Purchasing a personal home gives emotional advantages. You can make necessary modifications in the home as and when required. Everything comes with a set of pros and cons. Your pocket will become lighter after purchasing a personal home but on the other hand, the customers become free from the interruption from the side of the landlord. Astute and judicious customers try to balance expenses and income. As per the general thumb, the home carrying cost should not exceed one-third of income under no circumstances.

Take balanced and well-planned decisions to avoid regretting at a later stage. Determine your budget and enlist your key priorities before inspecting bungalows for sale in Burlington. Good guidance and assistance can take you towards the best decisions. Do not take unnecessary risks and invest in promising properties to safeguard the interest of the family. 

Why Families Love Living In Essex

Perfect Place

Essex Is The Perfect Place For Your Growing Brood

Are you considering moving your family to Essex? With so much to occupy the little ones, it’s easy to see why this is a great place to raise your kids.

Essex is a popular county for families to move to, offering the perfect mix of space, countryside and entertainment. Many towns and villages within Essex are just an hour away from the capital for commuters who need to work in London but still get home before bathtime! But Essex is so much more a county filled with commuter hotspots. For families, it has plenty to offer, from great schools, to top days out – here are some of the highlights!

Marsh Farm

This is one of the most popular attractions in the whole of Essex and brings visitors in from further afield too! Marsh Farm is located just a few minutes south of central South Woodham Ferrers near to the River Crouch. This adventure farm is the venue of choice for days out in the holidays, school trips and birthday parties. In the animal shed you’ll find goats, pigs and Highland cows, you can see ponies in the stables and then head out to the paddocks to view llamas, alpacas and kune kune pigs. If you’re looking for something a little cuddlier, then check out the rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, ferrets and mice. But Marsh Farm isn’t just about the animals, it’s also guaranteed to tire out those little legs, with a range of activities including the giant Bouncy Pillows, the Maize Maze or indoor soft play.

Country Park Nature Trails

Essex has plenty of country parks for adventures and a breath of fresh air. But whether you’re looking for the perfect picnic spot, or a nature trail to go on, the Thorndon Country Park in Brentwood is an ideal day out. The park is made up of 500 acres of woodland, but Brentwood estate agents explain that the real draw for residents is the Gruffalo trail which allows kids to spot the snake, owl, fox, mouse, the Gruffalo’s child and of course the Gruffalo himself. Stop off for an ice-cream or a sandwich in the site’s café for the perfect day out!

Beside The Sea

Essex has a truly enviable coastline which you can either take advantage of just for the day, or stay overnight as part of a long weekend or extended school holiday break. Although families will love choosing from gems such as Frinton or Clacton, it’s Maldon that is a firm favourite year on year, due to the wealth of activities available. Perhaps the most famous is the Promenade Splash Park, which is surrounded by an adventure playground, mini golf and small petting zoo. Head out down the waterfront with an ice cream too to look at the boats!

Miniature Railways

Audley End House is located on the outskirts of Saffron Walden, as an English Heritage site with plenty for families to enjoy whether visiting the playground and stables, or relaxing in the jaw-dropping grounds on a summer’s day. However, it’s across the road at the Audley End Miniature Railway that the magic really happens! Your steam or diesel engine train ride will take the family along 1.5 miles of private woodland estate where you can spot as many teddies as possible! The rest of the site includes a bouncy castle, picnic area, adventure playground, station café and a fairy walk.

Families are absolutely spoiled for choice when living in this fun-filled county! So if you’re considering a move here, head to Essex and explore all that it has to offer you and your children!

Pros and Cons of Living In an Apartment

Pros and Cons of Living

Where you live matters to you and your family. So, an apartment can be a luxury as well as a nuisance, which you have to tackle accordingly. After all, everything apartment has its pros and cons. But to know whether living in an apartment is a suitable choice for you, continue to read this blog:

Advantages of living in an apartment:

Lock the Flat and Not the Whole Building

Whenever you are living alone, or with family in an apartment, you don’t need to lock the entire building. That being said, you can be stress-free about the security of your apartment.

Moreover, your neighbours and building management will be notified whenever you are out of town. So, it helps to travel to outstations in comfort.

You Don’t Need to Maintain the Garden or Exterior of the Building

Having an apartment is a total comfort zone. You can live here without spending too much on the external beauty of the entire building or society. That can be taken care of by the building’s management committee per year.

You Can Choose Your Community

Living in an apartment is your personal choice. You can look for modern or traditional societies and decide to make it your home. With closely-knit people living in a building, advanced technologies can also be used as block management software

This helps everyone to live in harmony and know about their responsibilities as an accountable resident of a particular society.

Cons of Living in An Apartment:

You Cannot Ignore the Noise

At times, there will be celebrations where the entire society is invited. Some might go, and some might not. The latter could be you when you want to focus on something more substantial. However, the walls of many apartments are not soundproof.

So, you might hear the noise from other apartments nearby. And you might find it difficult to complain when the whole society is involved.

You Will Have to Follow Stringent Rules

Some societies or blocks have tight rules and regulations, especially for bachelors, students, or those living alone. This could be a nuisance for those who do not want to follow such rules. And if you are found breaking such rules not entering the apartment or the block after a specific time, then someone might just complain about your misdemeanour.

You Will Be Told Not to Bring Pets Home

If you love pets or already have, then it could be another problem to tackle. That’s because some societies do not allow pets to enter the premises at all.

Before deciding if you want to live in an apartment, make sure you are determined to follow the rules. If that is done from your end, you can continue to live in the flats peacefully, despite the cons.

Call a repair damage contractor after fire

Fire always causes a large amount of damage to a building. Apart from fire, many other problems are linked with it, causing disastrous damage like smoke odour, soot residues and water damage. After a fire, water and fire extinguishers are used to put off fire and adding more to damage to the fire affected area. 

Clean up and repair fire damage contractors are different from general contractors and require special skills in taking care of everything. They are experienced in all procedures of restoration after a fire damaged place from start till completion. Water and fire damage repair include the elimination of smoke odour and soot residues, cleaning up of water and debris, repairing and reconstruction of structure and restoration of your personal belongings. 

It is important that you call fire damage contractor immediately after firefighters leave. Firefighters use water and fire extinguishers, which add water and chemicals. Smoke odour invades the structure and belongings in the house and soot particles cling to the surface of walls, floor, ceilings and things present in the house. These damages need quick proper cleaning to save your valuable possessions and property to minimize the cost and restore it to pre-fire condition. 

Fire is a devastating experience and it is very disturbing to see your nest egg in destruction. You should hire a certified contractor for the repair and restoration of your fire damaged area otherwise an uncertified and unskilled contractor may waste your time and money. 

We at Fire and Water Damage Pros, have techs and pros fully licensed and insured. We have a large team of techs who can work efficiently, fulfilling all necessary procedures to ensure that your property is restored as soon as possible. 

These techs use latest technologies and pieces of equipment for the cleanup, drying and sanitizing the fire-damaged area for better and quicker results. The repairing contractor inspects the damaged area from interior and exterior and makes the estimation of repairs and cost. They are expert in working with the insurance companies to ensure you get to claim for the repair and restoration expenses. The techs discuss the outline of the restoration procedure with you.

First of all, they isolate the affected area to prevent any damage done to other parts of the house. 

Now they remove all water from the area using industrial pumps. More the water stays, making the situation more terrible by promoting mould growth inside the house. 

Complete removal of moisture and drying out is necessary by using dehumidifiers and air movers in the house. Ventilation is very important. 

Removing and restoring smoke odour and soot residue from surface and contents by using safe cleaning agents and air-scrubbers need expertise and techniques for full recovery from fire damage. 

Sanitizing and deodorizing the area will make your home livable again and take your life to normalcy. At this time the specialist will discuss the condition of your belongings and decide with your permission what should be salvaged or discarded. The salvageable things are cleaned and restored according to their nature.

How to Buy Your Retirement Home in Cyprus

Retirement Home

Retirement is an age that is inevitable to many people. In the United States, there are more than 50 million people who are retired. This number is expected to increase in the coming years as life expectancy increases. The challenge for retirement is that the cost of living is increasing especially in many liberal states like New York and San Francisco. As such, many people are moving to low-cost conservative states like Alabama and Texas. Others are moving to small developed countries like Cyprus. In this article, we will look at some of the key steps you need to follow to buy a retirement home in Cyprus.

Why Cyprus?

Cyprus is a small country that many people in the United States have never heard of. Still, there are many reasons why a number of Americans are moving their in their retirement. First, Cyprus is a member of the European Union. The EU has a close relationship with the United States. Second, Cyprus has some of the lowest taxes in the world. It is a well-known tax haven. Third, Cyprus offers an affordable golden passport. A golden passport allows people to buy their citizenship. In addition, Cyprus has a low cost of living, excellent sandy beaches, and high levels of security.

Decide on the Type of House You Need

As with most places, you need to decide on the type of retirement that you need. The various types include the likes of apartment, condominiums, and bungalows. Deciding on these types will be a good starting point for you. It will also help you determine the amount of money that you are likely to spend on your purchase. We recommend that you consult this with your family members.

Decide on the Location

Cyprus is a relatively small country. It has a number of cities and villages where you can live. The cost of homes in these locations will always differ. We recommend that you take time to research about the locations that you want to use. To do this, we recommend that you go to Cyprus and spend a few months there. Stay in several places and see whether Cyprus is the place for you.

Do Online Research

We recommend that you take time to do your research online. There are many real estate agents in the country. There are also several real estate portals in the country that publish latest properties. Take time to research about the location you chose. This will help you identify the locations and the prices of the houses. You should also read a lot about the process of buying a home in the country.

Find a real estate agent

Now that you have all this information, you should work so hard to find a reputable real estate agent. This should be a company that has been in the industry for a long time. There are several reasons for using a good real estate agent like Century 21. First, agents have a good understanding of the local market. Second, they have a large portfolio of property for sale Cyprus to show you. Third, they know the process of buying the houses. Finally, you can use them to save money.

Finally, you should find a good lawyer who will help you complete the transaction. The lawyer will also help you get your Cyprus passport if you want to become a Cyprus citizen.

Should You Hire A Realtor: Will It Be Worth Your Time And Money?

Usually, the general public would want to take the whole ‘selling or buying a home process’ in their hands. They would, in fact, want to keep realtors away from any kind of transaction that happens. Why? Simply because they deem every real estate agent being the same and all that they care at the end of the day is ‘money’. However, on the contrary, not every realtor you come across is the same!

When it comes to Lakeland Florida homes for sale with a pool the best way to go through the process is with the assistance and step-by-step guide of a realtor. But, you need to understand why a realtor will turn up being beneficial for you? 

They belong to an association

Firstly, understand the fact that a realtor will always belong to an association of realtors, from whichever state they are. Hence, they will stick to the set code of ethics and laws that they will need to abide as per their profession. Time and again it gets updated and revisited, to ensure with the changing society, realtors to follow and abide by the rules that will be best for the society that they work for.

Grant peace of mind

Every realtor comes with a blessing as they bring you peace of mind. When it comes to Lakeland Florida homes for sale your realtor will understand every little detail of your area and the code of policies and ethics that one needs to follow, which the general public won’t have much knowledge about. They stick to the law and get the right selling or buying process done for their client, without abiding by any uncorrupt means.

The experience that counts a lot

They come with a high amount of experience and knowledge. This should ensure that every transaction will take place under the light of the law. Hence, you can feel safe while it comes to buying or selling homes through realtors. But make certain that you go through the background check of the realtor and the firm that you are about to hire.