Owning Rental Property: Management Solutions


There is an awful lot involved in being a property landlord, and there are specialist property management companies that focus on taking the strain out of letting property. The range of services on offer would be comprehensive, and here are just a few that can help you with your rental property.

  1. Marketing – Finding suitable tenants can be a nightmare, yet with experienced letting agents in Portsmouth, your property details will reach the right tenants. Typically, the agency would post your property on several major inline portals, which increases the chances of finding the right tenant.
  2. Screening Tenants – This is time-consuming, and something best left to the experts, who can quickly screen potential tenants on your behalf.
  3. Draft the Tenancy Agreement – It is essential that the tenancy agreement protects you, and with a wealth of experience in drafting tenancy contracts, the letting agency will always have your best interests at heart.
  4. Ensure the Property Meets Legal Requirements – This would involve a detailed building inspection, which would reveal any issues, and as the letting agency regularly deals with the respective authorities, they know what is needed.
  5. Collecting the Rent – Not only will the letting agency collect your rent from the tenant, they will also transfer it into your bank account, most likely on the same day.

Whether you have a single property, or a number of houses for rent, joining forces with an established property management company will take the strain out of the letting procedure, and with everything being taken care of, there’s nothing to do except collecting your rent.