Moving House Is Made Easier When Storage Access Is Included


The best way to plan for any move is to make sure that the removal company you choose also offers storage services. By taking this approach, you can streamline the entire process and stay better organised. Therefore, you need to make sure that that the removal company you choose is one that offers a full array of services whether they involve moving, storage, or packaging.

Save on Your Taxes

Affordable, rated removal services in Sheffield can also help you save on your taxes. Some of the relocation costs involved in moving house are exempt from reporting and paying National Insurance and tax. You can enjoy this advantage if your relocation costs do not exceed £8,000.

Qualifying costs for tax purposes include buying certain items for moving, bridging loans, paying for the move, and the costs associated with buying and selling a home.

When Qualifying Costs Apply

Qualifying costs apply in the following circumstances:

  • You are an employee who is changing your location of work.
  • The moving costs are remitted before the end of the tax year after the year the move occurred.
  • Your home is closer to your workplace than your previous house.

Therefore, it pays to use a service that offers a number of amenities at an affordable rate. Not only will you save on your taxes but you will also reduce the stress that is often associated with moving. Having access to storage enables you to store certain items short-term until you can organise and arrange the furnishings and belongings in your new home.