Make Your Real Estate Investment a Family Retreat

Real Estate Investment a Family Retreat

If you are going to invest in real estate, it makes sense that you choose a property that can be rented or enjoyed by you and your family. That is why Cape Verde is one place you want to look at for this type of retreat.

Also referred to as Cabo Verde, Cape Verde is a former colony of Portugal. The locale is made up of five islets and 10 islands. Lying approximately 500 kilometres off of Africa’s west coast, the archipelago, whose capital is Praia, became independent in 1995.

Adult-Only and Family-Oriented Areas

Nowadays, this African enclave plays host to resort-style real estate. In fact, developments are springing up on such islands as Boa Vista Island. Resorts are designed with guest preferences in mind as they are sectioned into adult-only and family-oriented areas.

How Kids Are Entertained

When you invest in this this type of five-star real estate, you can be assured of the ultimate guest experience as well as good returns. Properties of this type feature penthouse and duplex suites as well as private and beautiful villas. Restaurants and fitness and spa facilities add to the allure of the property. For people visiting with their families, children can be entertained in one of several ways. A kids club, baby pools, playground, and beach ball and tennis courts are offered to the younger members of each family.

An Example of an Investment Property

The White Sands Hotel & Spa: an investment for the family is an example of this financial and holiday opportunity. Investors like this location as it offers year-round temperatures of around 27 degrees Celsius as well as a beaches and natural waters that are filled with such marine life as sea turtles, dolphins, and whales.

By investing in this type of venture, you can increase your capital and experience solid returns. However, this kind of investment is not merely meant to strengthen a portfolio. It is also designed to regale you with all the advantages of owning a holiday property. Plus, you can pass this asset on to your children when they are grown so their families can savour this holiday spot as well.

See Dolphins and Whales Up Close

Besides the resort amenities you can enjoy, you are also steps away from cerulean waters and fun activities such as snorkelling, diving, scuba diving, or surfing. Boating is also a regular activity, one that enables you to see dolphin and whales up close.

Investing in this type of property also enables you to take advantage of a fully managed service where all your property services are handled on your behalf. You can sit back and make money off of your property while its marketing, rent collections, and maintenance are managed for you.

How to Make a Decision

When selecting this type of investment, you need to review the potential income it can make by examining the following:

  • The history of the developer
  • The location where the property sits
  • The projected returns (Is the data reliable?)

You also need to check out the track record of the developer and ask about the hotelier, as well as figure out the returns you may receive for up to four years.