How To Reduce Damage From Flooding And Drain Emergencies


A clogged drain may lead to severe damage to other areas of your property. Without dealing with the situation, your property may experience flooding and water damage. Knowing what to do during a flooding emergency helps reduce the extent of the damage.

Evacuate the Property

After you detect flooding, you should first ensure the safety of the occupants. Evacuate the property, including your family and pets.

Determine the source of the flooding and contact emergency drain clearance services in Solihull. Removing the blockage or clearing the drainage issue quickly can limit the damage.

Attempt to Save Furniture and Appliances

Do not walk into a flooded basement without protection. If you can safely reach possessions, you may move them to a dry area. A few precautions may help you save your appliances, electronics, furniture, and other belongings from water damage:

  • Move damaged items out of the flooded area.
  • Do not attempt to dry electrical items.
  • Use water extraction to dry carpets.
  • Wait 48 hours for appliances and items to dry.

Do not try to dry electrical items as there is a risk of electric shock even if the electricity is turned off and the electronic is unplugged. You should wait two days to see if these items dry on their own. If they do not dry thoroughly, you may need to discard a few possessions.

Water extraction is used to try drying the carpet quickly. Remove damaged carpet to prevent water damage to the floorboards.

You should treat drainage issues as they are detected. This reduces the risk of flooding. For drainage emergencies, contact a drainage clearance professional immediately.