How To Make Your Rental Home More Appealing


You have done all the necessary marketing and advertising to get the word about your rental property out there, but you are still having trouble getting renters. There are a lot of reasons why people may not be interested in your property. However, most renters will agree that they will turn away from a vacation rental because of its amenities and physical features.

You want to make sure that your vacation rental looks like a place where people can see themselves relaxing and enjoying themselves. If your home is out of date or lacking in some areas, many renters will move past it and on to a different rental property, no matter what location it’s in. Here are some ways that you can make your rental home more appealing to renters.

Add Indoor Entertainment

Many vacation rental owners forget about common forms of entertainment in vacation rentals. It is easy to assume that your renters will be outside of the house enjoying the weather and the area instead of lounging inside the home for the majority of their stay. However, ever renter is different, and you will want to provide some forms of entertainment for rainy days or other occasions when your renters will want to stay inside the home. Consider installing a flat screen TV and providing DIRECT TV service to your rental home. This will make your vacation rental feel like a true home away from home for your renters.

Invest in Energy Efficient Upgrades

This is a great plus for your renters who need to pay for their own utilities. You will save you and them more money every time the appliances are used, which is a great way to make renters feel better about the price of rent that you have set. Consider upgrading things like the water heater, kitchen appliances, and clothes washer and dryer. These newer items will please your renters and make them want to stay a little longer each time.

Keep Your Household Items Looking New

A big issue that many vacation rental owners forget about is the condition of the household items in their rental home. You may think that they are just using your home for a place to sleep, but many renters today use vacation rentals like a second home, which includes using all the normal household items like dishes, pot, pans, sheets and blankets. Make sure that you replace these items regularly to keep everything usable and in good condition. Provide your renters with all the household items that you would keep in your own home for their most comfortable stay.

Spend more Time Landscaping

Curb appeal is important even in vacation rentals. When people are looking for a vacation home to rent, they typically look through pictures online. Though you may have many great pictures of the inside of your home, renters will see the picture of the outside of the home first. If the outside of your home looks poor, especially compared to other vacation rentals in the area, potential renters may pass by your home without a second look. Take some time to landscape the front and back of your home to improve your curb appeal.