How to Extend the Life of Carpets


If you own property for let, then the flooring you have in the flats or homes needs to be durable enough to survive years of tenants moving in and out of them. Some of the most durable carpets for rental properties include:

  • Polypropylene
  • Acrylic
  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Wool

More landlords gravitate toward polypropylene because it is easy to clean and usually inexpensive to replace. Even if the carpet is inexpensive, there are still ways to extend its life.

Coat the Carpet

Since tenants can be messy and may not take good care of the carpet by trying to remove stains right away, you can protect the carpet by using a fabric protector on it. Scotchgard is the name brand for one type of fabric protector that resists stains on leather, cotton, wool, and other types of fabric. It can increase the life of carpets by five to six years.

Professional Cleaning

Once a tenant moves out, try to get the carpet clean by hiring professional carpet cleaners. They have commercial products and techniques to get most stains out of carpets in Telford. Most food and drink stains should come out when the carpet is professionally cleaned but if not, you can replace the stained section.

When the carpet is put down, make sure to add a good underlay to help protect the floors beneath the carpet. The underlay can also help to keep the carpet fibres from wearing out as well. Protecting the carpets in your rental properties keeps them looking great and reduces your expenses.