How to Choose Your Storage Space


A storage unit is a great way to keep your items safe while you are not using them. Many people choose to put their things in storage when they are moving to a smaller flat and need to save space. Others prefer to put their items in storage until they have a chance to sell them. Whatever the case may be, you need to make sure you buy the best fit for your needs. You want to buy a storage unit that will fit your items comfortably, but not so large that you have a lot of space left over. Since you are paying for the square foot, space is wasted money. Storage companies come under warehousing regulations in the UK.

Small Units

A small storage unit is usually about twenty-five to fifty square feet. These are units that are not designed to fit an entire house. The most modest units can typically fit a few bookcases, maybe one or two pieces of furniture, and some boxes. You can save some space with sturdy cardboard or plastic boxes. If your boxes are reliably secure, you’ll be able to stack your boxes, which means you’ll be able to use a lot of the available vertical space as well. You can probably fit a one bedroom flat into a small storage space as long as you don’t have a lot of furniture. Medium-sized units are the most common choice for self-storage in Felixstowe.

Midsized Units

The mid-sized storage units tend to rank between about 100 and 200 square feet. These are units that can hold from a one-bedroom house to a two- or three-bedroom home.

  • The difference between a small unit and a mid-sized unit is often the appliances you need to put into storage.
  • Significant appliances take up an incredible amount of space, but they are often able to be stacked. They are heavy and cumbersome, but you can usually stack boxes on them.
  • Midsized units are some of the most versatile units; if you don’t know how large of a unit you need, you should begin with a mid-sized unit.

Large Units

Some large storage units are great for larger houses. If you have a three- or four-bedroom home, you’ll likely need a large unit. Also, you’ll need to consider how many appliances you have. If you have a house with many appliances, you’ll need a large unit. A home of the same size that does not have as many appliances or as much furniture might not need a large unit.

These are just a few of the considerations when choosing a storage unit. Primarily, a storage unit will be more dependent on the number of appliances and furniture than the size of your house or flat. A small apartment with ample furniture and appliances will take up more space in a storage unit than a three-bedroom home with minimal furniture. If you’re not sure what size you need, start with one of the mid-sized units and scale up or down from there.