How Are Timber Doors Weatherproofed


Timber has long been the preferred material for all kinds of doors. It is used for interior doors and exterior doors alike. Timber is useful because it is lightweight but also because it insulates very well. The insulation properties of different doors are generally marked by their R-value. A timber door typically has an R-value that is much higher than most other natural materials of the same weight.

Timber is also repairable. If a wooden door gets a scratch, you can sand out the scratch and repaint it. However, there is one glaring vulnerability of timber. Timber is a porous material that attracts water. It swells when it gets wet and contracts when it dries out. Manufacturers have to protect those doors. How do they do it?

How to Protect Wood

The best domestic joiners in Redhill generally use two different steps to protect their wooden doors.

  • The door can be stained with a water- or oil-based stain. The stain seeps into the wood’s pores and takes up space that water would normally take up. That alone helps to waterproof it. Also, it creates a nice colour.
  • The wood is then sealed with a waterproof sealant. Typically, the sealant is made of polyurethane or oil but it can also be water-based.


From time to time, you need to have your timber doors repaired by joiners. They will inspect the door and determine what needs to be done. Usually, you just need to have the scratches and nicks filled in with new paint or new stain. In some cases, they have to sand it and repaint it.