Hiring Pest Control Service During the Termite Season

Hiring Pest Control Service

Termites need high year-round temperatures and a humid climate to survive and thrive. Termite activity will pick up a bit as the country heads out of the colder months and into the warmer season. If your home is not prepared, it could deal with a termite infestation. Keep reading to know why you should hire pest control services Schertz during the termite season:

Understanding the Swarming Season

Each year, termites perform swarming. They dispatch groups of termites from fully mature termite colonies to establish new termite nests. Often, swarming happens from spring to late fall, especially after a rainfall. Termites love moisture and when the outside temperature remains above 50 degrees, termites will continue to destroy homes.

Termite swarmers look like flying ants. But, they have stretched oval-shaped bodies and longer wings. Also, swarmers shed their wings. That is why homeowners will find scattered wings on their window sills and around other areas of their homes when there are swarmers.

What the Presence of Swarmers Means

The presence of swarmers outside your house does not necessarily have a bad indication. While it means the presence of a fully mature termite colony somewhere nearby and a possible start of a new colony, it doesn’t mean termites are attacking your home. But, if these swarmers and their wings are inside your home even if your doors and windows are close, this could mean a present termite infestation. Thus, your home may be destroyed by hungry termites and a new colony nearby might be increasing the destruction efforts.

How to Deter termites from Your Property

To make your property less attractive to termites, you must get rid of organic and wood-based debris such as lumber, cardboard, sticks, leaf piles, paper, and dead trees. Also, ensure the gutters are working properly and can channel water away from the exterior of your home. If you have to use wood-based mulch products, do it away from the exterior of your home. Also, it is important not to leave any leaky piping inside your house unaddressed. All sources of water buildup that might have a negative effect on the condition of your home’s wood should be eliminated. A caulking gun can be used to fill in cracks, gaps, and holes in the exterior foundation.

The best solution that can effectively deter termites from your property is to use professional pest control. A pest control expert can provide dependable and effective termite control programs designed to get rid of and keep wood munchers off your property.