Floors Made of Vinyl Can Be Installed Just About Anywhere


Vinyl has taken on a whole new persona in flooring. Unlike the floors of yesterday, vinyl today is durable, moisture-resistant, and stunning to view. Plus, in the past, you would not have considered vinyl to be a luxury material. However, luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is a trending and sustainable flooring in the world today.

That is because the flooring can be recycled and no inks, heavy metals, PCP, or formaldehydes are included in the product’s manufacture. Not only do LVT tiles look good when they are applied to a floor but they also do not emit toxic fumes and are fire-resistant building materials.

Plus, regular vinyl flooring and LVT floors can be placed throughout the home. In addition, you can select vinyl floors that replicate the looks of ceramic, slate, stone, or wood. Therefore, if your home features hardwood floors, you can add a wood-look vinyl floor to your bathroom. That way, you can continue the style without worrying about any moisture affecting the floor. Whilst wood can become warped by added humidity, moisture will not hurt a floor made of vinyl.

Insulated and Quiet

Some people may not choose vinyl floors because they prefer carpet. However, today’s luxury vinyl floors are both quiet and comfortable underfoot. Because the floors come with a backing that is soft and absorbent, they are insulated against the cold and produce less sound.

When you make a choice for a vinyl floor, you will also find that it is easy to maintain. That is because the floor features a protective layer of a coating that safeguards the floor from stains, scratches, and scuff marks. Therefore, you can add this type of floor to a high-traffic hallway or install it in the kitchen.

Prevent the Growth of Mould and Mildew

In order to take care of a vinyl floor, you only need to mop it with warm water and a mild cleaner or sweep it periodically. A higher-quality vinyl will feature a waterproof membrane as well that resists any rising moisture, mildew, mould, or bacteria.

Whilst you will not realise as high of a resale value for your home by installing vinyl over wood, you will receive many years of dependable service. Also, as noted, you do not have to maintain the floor as you do floors made of natural wood or stone materials. You can obtain the same look at a fraction of the price.

What Species of Timber Do You Prefer?

Because many of the luxury vinyl floors today look exactly the same as timber flooring, you have a vast selection. For example, you can select from lighter-hued woods such as natural oak or blackbutt or opt for darker woods such as Nordic oak, dark ash, or jarrah. Therefore, when making a selection, think about what species of timber you want your floor to replicate.

Typically, if you choose wood-look vinyl flooring, you can select from boards or tiles. To make sure that you choose the right colour, take a sample of the flooring home and place it under the light. Many times, the samples in the showroom look different than the flooring will in your home. Therefore, to ensure that you make the right colour choice, take a sample and view it in the day and at night.