Easy DIY Steps to Build a Wooden Sliding Door for Your Car’s Shed


Until now, a sliding garage door remains preferred for its convenience and space-saving nature. In most instances, anyone who has limited space but still want a reliable way to secure their car shedhouse, a sliding door always seems a logical solution.

Hold that thought! But acquiring one is expensive? Well, not when you can assemble one yourself. If you can’t afford one at the moment, you can always put together one by following these simple DIY steps.

  1. Assemble necessary materials and tools

As a rule, you need to ensure you have all it takes to put together a sliding garage door. Talk about wood, screws, board, rollers, screwdriver, hammer, tape measure, and saw, just to mention. With all the requirements in your hands, it is time to get to work.

  1. Work out a frame

With the right dimensions in mind, begin by constructing a frame that matches the garage door space. Measurements are quite important from the word go, the same with making a four poster bedstead. Therefore, take note of all the dimensions to avoid frustrations at later stages.

  1. Fix the boards to the frame

Once the frame is ready, proceed by attaching the boards to the frame. You can use adhesive glue or brads. Whatever appeals to you is fine. Remember, if you decide to use glue, you may have to give it some time to dry for a stronger hold.

  1. Attach the wheels/rollers

Next, it is now time to fix the right kind of wheels you want on your door. Don’t forget to align them correctly depending on the direction you want the door to roll.

  1. Prepare the running track

Before you think of installing the main door, you need to ensure the wheels have a smooth and straight path to roll. You can consider installing a rail or modifying the floor surface to adapt to the role. A rail is much more convenient, especially if the idea of a sliding door came as an afterthought.

  1. Fix hinged loops and the pipe

Immediately, you are done with the track, turn back to the top of the door. Here, you need to attach hinged loops strategically. Ensure they are firmly in place. Wood screws come handy at this point. Once done, bring on a pipe through the loops. The pipe should have been cut in line with your working dimensions.

  1. Attach angles and flanges

To complete the structure, attach any other required hardware such as flanges or angled pieces.

  1. Install the sliding garage door

Once you have got the assembly phase right, it’s time to fix the door in position. It is important to proceed with caution. Start by levelling it up, and then mark the ideal spots for the screws before finally attaching it to the wall.  And that’s it.

Final thoughts

Putting up a sliding garage door from scratch isn’t as tricky as it sounds. Of course, you might need a helping hand considering the weight of the boards, but pro-level skills aren’t necessary.