Converting a Bathroom into a Wet Room


Wet rooms have been growing in popular in the last few years. A wet room is a bathroom, but not all bathrooms are wet rooms. The idea is a Scandinavian idea. Essentially, a wet room is a bathroom that does not differentiate between the floor of the shower or the floor of the rest of the bathroom. There is no shower tray or bathtub. It is a seamless transition from the sink or the loo to the shower. Some wet rooms don’t even have a curtain or a shower door.

Design Elements

You need quality plumbing services in Alfreton to convert your bathroom into a wet room.

  • You need to consider the size of your bathroom. A smaller bathroom can be converted, but you might need a shower door or a shower curtain. Otherwise, spray from the shower might get your towels or your loo roll wet.
  • The professionals will look at the floor currently and determine how best to waterproof it.
  • A slight grade will need to be built into the floor so that all of the water goes down the drain and doesn’t create puddles on the floor.
  • Typically, a subfloor is built out of plywood with a slight slope to it. Water doesn’t need much encouragement to run downhill.
  • The shower flooring choices are important as well because it has to be completely waterproof over every centimetre of your wet room.

Why Convert?

Many people convert their bathrooms for two reasons. Eliminating the tub and the tray increases the amount of space in your bathroom. Lastly, a wet room looks great. It’s a very stylish and modern design.