Common Home Staging Errors to Avoid


Homeowners mostly consider interior design only when they settle in a new home. Nevertheless, it can be effective also when they decide to sell. Today, home staging has become essential to stay ahead in this competitive real estate market. Proper staging allows attracting a wide range of buyers and even getting a better value for your home.

Successful home staging makes a huge difference between selling it fast and allowing it to sit on the listing unsold for a long time. Visit, for a great Colorado home selling or buying experience. However, you need to avoid common home staging mistakes.

Never take photos pre-staging

Once you stage, it is hard to restage a room virtually. If you staged a room as a bedroom then you will not be able to restage it virtually if the buyer desires a home office look. Therefore, to remain flexible take pictures before staging. In this manner, the same room can be staged virtually in many different styles or for different purposes.

Overlooking the accent wall

Accent walls add depth and color to even a boring space. For creating an accent wall, think contrast like bright and energizing colors or dark grays or removable graphics. It adds personality to the listing.

Outdated window treatment

The ugly, outdated window treatments will kill the vibe of a room besides lighting fixtures and paints. The 1990s vertical blinds were the trend but today they are outdated. Window treatments are within your means or you can choose sheer white curtains with dark panels. It will blend with anything. Avoid patterns!

Gender bedrooms is a big NO

Never gender children’s bedroom or playroom. Create a room that allows buyers to dream of their own design ideas in that room. If you are staging modern home then a bunk bed, rocking horse, and some stuffed animals would work fine.

Improper furniture arrangement

The living room looks dull when all the furniture is arranged against the wall. A large room can look cold and small space will look cluttered. It is wise to replace the furniture that fits in the space.

Avoid over-personalizing the décor

Depersonalization is the goal of home staging. The basic idea is when buyers walk across the home; they need to see a welcoming home ambiance with clean lines. Buyers will not reveal what they like but will always tell you what they don’t like. That means when they walk across a room with excessive collectibles and personal décor, they get turned off quickly!