Call a repair damage contractor after fire

Call a repair damage contractor after fire

Fire always causes a large amount of damage to a building. Apart from fire, many other problems are linked with it, causing disastrous damage like smoke odour, soot residues and water damage. After a fire, water and fire extinguishers are used to put off fire and adding more to damage to the fire affected area. 

Clean up and repair fire damage contractors are different from general contractors and require special skills in taking care of everything. They are experienced in all procedures of restoration after a fire damaged place from start till completion. Water and fire damage repair include the elimination of smoke odour and soot residues, cleaning up of water and debris, repairing and reconstruction of structure and restoration of your personal belongings. 

It is important that you call fire damage contractor immediately after firefighters leave. Firefighters use water and fire extinguishers, which add water and chemicals. Smoke odour invades the structure and belongings in the house and soot particles cling to the surface of walls, floor, ceilings and things present in the house. These damages need quick proper cleaning to save your valuable possessions and property to minimize the cost and restore it to pre-fire condition. 

Fire is a devastating experience and it is very disturbing to see your nest egg in destruction. You should hire a certified contractor for the repair and restoration of your fire damaged area otherwise an uncertified and unskilled contractor may waste your time and money. 

We at Fire and Water Damage Pros, have techs and pros fully licensed and insured. We have a large team of techs who can work efficiently, fulfilling all necessary procedures to ensure that your property is restored as soon as possible. 

These techs use latest technologies and pieces of equipment for the cleanup, drying and sanitizing the fire-damaged area for better and quicker results. The repairing contractor inspects the damaged area from interior and exterior and makes the estimation of repairs and cost. They are expert in working with the insurance companies to ensure you get to claim for the repair and restoration expenses. The techs discuss the outline of the restoration procedure with you.

First of all, they isolate the affected area to prevent any damage done to other parts of the house. 

Now they remove all water from the area using industrial pumps. More the water stays, making the situation more terrible by promoting mould growth inside the house. 

Complete removal of moisture and drying out is necessary by using dehumidifiers and air movers in the house. Ventilation is very important. 

Removing and restoring smoke odour and soot residue from surface and contents by using safe cleaning agents and air-scrubbers need expertise and techniques for full recovery from fire damage. 

Sanitizing and deodorizing the area will make your home livable again and take your life to normalcy. At this time the specialist will discuss the condition of your belongings and decide with your permission what should be salvaged or discarded. The salvageable things are cleaned and restored according to their nature.