Buy Zakynthos real estate is not only convenient and pleasant for spending holidays in your house on the sea, but also – it is profitable

Buy Zakynthos

If you rent your villa, apartment or commercial object – for rent, which is always in demand, even in spite of economic cataclysms. Greece is a full member of the European Union, a country with a developed democratic society. At our site and in real estate agency Greece you can get acquainted with the catalog of real estate. The protection of the rights of foreigners residing here is elevated to the rank of state policy in the same way as the right of any person of Greek origin to obtain local citizenship. Such a rare sense of legal protection, of course, plays an important role in the choice of Greece as a country not only for recreation, but also for possible living.

The place where the gods lived: beaches, coves, resorts of Zakynthos

Take a stroll through incredibly beautiful coasts, inhale the aroma of coniferous trees and strange grasses with a touch of salt water, and you will feel how slowly and smoothly the time flows on Zakynthos. This magical island offers an opportunity to touch the charm and splendor of untouched nature. The main attraction of the island are countless and inexpressibly beautiful beaches.

The most famous beach of the island of Zakynthos is the Shipwreck Beach or Navahio Bay. Here, on snow-white sand, there is a ship of smugglers, thrown ashore during a violent storm. Access to the most fantastic beach of the world exists only from the seaside. Crystal clear blue water and towering cliffs with emerald mantle – the views on the beach are fascinating and amaze with its beauty. The most convenient way to reach the beach by boat, from the port of Volimes (Porto Vromi).

Another beach, striking with its splendor – Gerakas. Located in the southern part of the peninsula, the impeccable and tranquil beach of Gerakas enchants with rich colors and warm turquoise water. Gerakas is popular not only among tourists, but also in the rare species of sea turtles – Caretta-Caretta, who lay their eggs in the sand. That is why the beach is one of the components of the National Marine Park. Residents of Zakynthos strictly guard the peace of the turtles: on Gerakas any kinds of water sports are prohibited.

Foreigners owning Zakynthos real estate

Foreigners owning real estate on the island are less than, for example, in Cyprus: to obtain here a residence permit, and even more permanent residence, is more difficult. Unless of course contact the real estate agency Greece. Nevertheless, visitors, including from the CIS, buy up 30-40% of housing. There is an explanation: let Greece and not the most highly developed of the EU countries, but there are so many islands (about 3,500) nowhere in Western Europe.

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