Best Options for Keeping Your Boat in Excellent Condition


A boat that’s well-maintained and looks shiny and sparkly under the sun gives incomparable satisfaction. There’s a reason certain aspects of boat maintenance are called “brightwork,” right? However, cleaning a boat is not easy, especially if you’ve just recently acquired it. Don’t worry though. Here’s how you go about cleaning your boat and some maintenance tips to keep it in tiptop shape.

Cleaning Your Boat

Before you even start the cleaning process, you need to get a hose and make sure that your boat is completely wet. Scrubbing right away when the boat is dry will damage your vessel’s paintwork — take note of that.

Be careful of the cleaning agent you use too. Stay away from those concentrated detergents that are often sold cheap. They can do more harm than good to your boat’s finish. Better yet, use cleaning agents that are environmentally-friendly.

Before waxing the surface of the boat, make sure it’s entirely dry. When your certain the surface is completely dry, start with your finishing touch. In this step, “wax on, wax off” still works because you need to do it in a circular motion. Waxing your boat ensures that it will retain its shine and look brand new all the time.

Boat Maintenance

Boats Absorb Water

Since it’s a water vessel, it may seem natural to store the boat in the water, but this may not be the best idea. Keeping the boat in the water for long periods is the reason why the exterior is easily damaged. Algae can also attack the bottom of your boat, resulting in residue and scum that’s a bit challenging to get rid of.

No matter what the size of your boat is, it will do you good if you consider the idea of using boat lifts. With a lift, you won’t have to worry about regularly cleaning the hull of your boat. A lift will also help maintain the appearance of the boat, saving you time and money in the long run.

Fluctuating Water

Fluctuations in water levels are normal no matter where you are in the world. Although natural, it can certainly affect the quality if your boat. Leaving your boat unattended in the water may cause it to acquire damage because of the fluctuating water brought about by seasonal changes or storms. If you have a boat lift, you can keep your boat out of the water to make sure it remains stable regardless of the weather condition in your locality.

Moving the Boat

There might come a time that you’ll need to get the boat out of the water. After all, it’s a common knowledge that leaving it out on the water for long periods will eventually cause damage. To help you save time getting the boat in and out of the water, let the lift do the work again. All you need to do is have it manufactured and installed by a company known for providing the best water vessel lifts.

If you haven’t gotten yourself a lift yet and your boat has been in the water for quite a while, check for cracks, leaks, and debris that may have accumulated on the hull. A boat lift will ensure that boat maintenance won’t become too much of a chore and keep your boat in excellent condition.

Seems like a lot of work, eh? While maintaining a boat may seem tiresome, none of it is insurmountable. Your reward, in the end, is a boat that will last long because it’s well-maintained. Plus, you get the bonus of relaxing on the water and enjoying the beauty of the sea using your beautiful water machine.