Affordable Cross-Country Moving Options

Country Moving Options

Planning for a move requires a lot of thinking. There are so many aspects of the process to worry about, right from the packing stage to unpacking at your new house. One of the most important aspects is the need to make your relocation as affordable as possible. You will want to look at ways you can save.

Cross-country moving means that you are relocating to another state. It is more expensive than moving within the state because of the distance. Apart from distance, there are other factors that can make the trip more expensive.Read more about that here.

Strategizing for D-day

If there is a sudden need to move, there will be no time to plan as well as you would want. You may start fretting about finances. It is better to relax and plan all you can within the limited time available.

Having a good plan is the key to cutting costs. You don’t have to contemplate borrowing money just to relocate. Thatshould be one of your last options. Apart from saving money, you can also avoid using too much time and energy.


As stated earlier, deliberating on how and what to pack is a crucial part of the planning process. It is best to do away with some of the heaviest items among your possessions. Of course, your best option here is to sell them. You can consider giving them out or donating them too.Begin as early as possible in order to get a good deal from the items you will put up for sale.

For cheaper means of packing, check if there are supplies in storage. If there aren’t, ask for supplies from family, friends, and neighbors. There are a few options recommended in this article for you. No need to buy boxes!


Loading can be cheaper if you hire freight trailers or moving container companies, instead of van lines. With portable moving containers, you can save money. You will handle the loading on your own, or with the help of others, or with cheaper labor hired locally. A moving container company will give you ample time to load your stuff. Once you are done, they will convey the containers to your new place.

Fixing a Date

You are at an advantage if the date for departure can be fixed at your convenience. The date shouldn’t be within the period where the demand for moving companies will be high. During such periods, movers charge more than they normally would.

Choosing the right date will help save time and energy if you are hiring van lines. You will get cheaper rates on packing, loading, offloading and unpacking services which van lines offer.

It is best to relocate during weekends, summeror on holidays. During these periods, people tend to patronize moving companies less. Avoid the beginning and ending of any month, unless they fall under the aforementioned “safe” periods.

Read more about that here:

Are You Moving Because of Work?

Your employers may have asked you to move for a reason. If this is the case, ask them what they can do to render assistance.Direct your query to the Human Resource (HR) Department, if there is one. The help offered could be relevant to making the entire process cheaper.

The company may handle most (if not all) expenses, if it is a new job. Learn about the organization’s relocation policies to see what your benefits are. For the sake of proper reimbursement, ensure that the receipts for all payments are well-kept. This includes the ones for packing supplies.


Shipping your bulky possessions is a great alternative to letting the movers handle the transportation. Cross-country shipping is cheap if there are not many heavy items among your belongings. There are online firms that provide this kind of service. 


Look out for discount deals while seeking which mover or truck rentals to patronize. For this, you would need to do some extensive internet research. This is worth the time and effort, especially for those still in military service or veterans.Members of AAA clubs are also entitled to discounts provided by some moving companies.

With all these affordable options, saving is guaranteed. Note that the fastest, easiest, and most convenient way to relocate across country requires the most spending. You can save thousands by following the above tips though.