4 Reasons Why Gas is the Best Fuel for your Living Room Fire


For the British Homeowner, there are several fuel options for a living room fire, with the traditional coal burning open fire still an attraction in some parts of the country, and wood burning stoves are also popular today, especially for those that live in a rural setting, yet for the majority, natural gas is the preferred fuel.

  1. Nationwide Grid – The natural gas network covers the entire UK, making it easy to obtain a connection, and with affordable running costs, gas gives more value for money than electricity, and it is both clean and convenient, with no messy hearth cleaning, or filling the fuel bucket on a daily basis. If, for example, a person was looking for affordable gas fireplaces in Lincolnshire, there is a well-known local supplier who has an impressive catalogue of quality appliances at affordable prices.
  2. Energy Efficient – We are all energy conscious, and natural gas is perhaps the most cost effective fuel for your living room fire. Of course, having a gas fire in the living room allows you to turn down the central heating, as most rooms in the house are unoccupied in the early evenings, and with the family spending most of their time in the living room, a gas fire is the ideal solution. For those who count every penny in the energy stakes, you will find gas is slightly cheaper that electricity, and with so many other benefits, is the natural choice for the majority of British homeowners.
  3. Clean and Convenient – Gas requires no cleaning or preparation, and when compared to coal or wood, you can have a natural flame without the hassle. Modern appliances have a range of stunning fire beds that include burning embers, or the traditional log arrangement, and there are also stone compilations that really give a warm and inviting glow. Older people will remember with fondness the hearth cleaning and bringing in the coal, and while this can be fun, the modern lifestyle leaves us with little free time, and with gas, you simply turn it on and you have your fire.
  4. Eco-Friendly – When you consider the volume of fossil fuel that it takes to produce electricity, natural gas is a very eco-friendly alternative, and this is the chosen fuel choice for those who care about the environment. There are also wood burning stoves, although you would need access to timber on a regular basis, which some rural environments provide. The best way is to consult a reputable supplier, who is qualified to point out the various pros and cons of all the fuel alternatives, and once an appliance has been selected, the supplier can design a suitable fireplace, which will be the focal point in the room.

When you factor in everything, gas does come out on top, and by sourcing the tight supplier, you are assured of a safe installation, and the real flame fire will be a main feature during those cold, winter months.